Mum-of-4 praised as she proudly flaunts stretch marks and cellulite in bikini

A mum-of-four stripped down to a slinky bikini to show off her stretch marks and cellulite.

Sarah Nicole Landry, AKA The Bird's Papaya to her over 2million Instagram followers, is known for promoting self-love online.

In a recent post the proud mum showed how amazing her body is as she revealed it in all its natural glory.

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Keen to spread a body positive message, the mum isn't shy of showing how motherhood has changed her body over the years.

She often writes about how she's altered and watched her body shift with age, and people love how honest she is when it comes to opening up about body image.

Sarah recently looked amazing as she slipped into a lilac bikini and showed she's not afraid to embrace her bod.

Writing on Instagram, Sarah said: "Practicing for this swimwear shoot in my @knix undies rn with my phone leaned up against a water glass.

"Fav underwear brand does swimwear right yet AGAIN! @knix – can’t wait to show you what’s being released and how it fits."

In the images the mum is seen posing on the beach looking completely natural.

She allowed herself to completely relax as she flaunted her bod in all its natural glory – from shining a light on her stretch marks, cellulite and curves to her natural tummy creases.

With a pretty pink flower in her hair she reminded people that all women can look sensational in swimwear – no matter what their body looks like.

Sarah looked gorgeous as she drew attention to the parts of herself society usually tells us we should work to "hide".

Since she shared the pictures more than 50,000 people have liked them, and hundreds of people commented too.

Many were keen to celebrate how authentic the mum's content is, and just how much it helps people.

One person said: "Okay but seriously, if all clothing was advertised like this, there would be SIGNIFICANTLY less eating disorders & self hatred, etc.

"This looks like what I see when I look at myself & that’s so much more inspiring than an over-edited photo of pseudo beauty.

"This is real skin. I love this & I needed to see this today. Thank you."

Another added: "My four-year-old daughter just saw your photo and said 'ohh, I want to be this lady'."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Thank you for making me fall in love with my body again."


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