Mum hits back at trolls who call her ‘control freak’ for giving rules for child

A first-time mum has defied trolls who called her a "control freak" because she won't let her five-month-old daughter to watch Cocomelon cartoon and use the "jumperoos".

Sinainn-Jane received a lot of negative comments after she first posted a video on TikTok titled "things I don't allow my daughter to have or do".

The list includes using walkers or jumperoos, watching Cocomelon, forcing her to hug someone and using the "cry it out" method.

She explained that her daughter wasn't interested in watching Cocomelon and she didn't like to give hugs to people easily.

"These are my choices for my child. Don't care what you do with yours, just because I'm not getting a jumperoo/sit-in walker or putting on Cocomelon doesn't mean I'm a bad mum!" the parent explained.

"I would rather sit and play with her myself as I do have the time."

But she was called a "control freak" by some viewers.

One said: "Oh my God control-freaking your child's likes or dislikes will come back and hit you like a tornado."

"Controlling what they want to watch for no reason is s*** parenting," another commented.

Sinainn-Jane hit back at the hate comments and explained that her daughter prefers dancing fruits and Ms Rachel over Cocomelon.

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She was also advised by her midwives against using jumperoos because it can "cause hip problems or delay walking" and she took a personal decision not to let her child to get on it.

"You can only use them for about 20 minutes, what's the point then? Plus I was advised against them," she added.

"I don't mind the push along ones, they can be great!"

Some mums agreed with Sinainn-Jane and said they also "banned Cocomelon" in their houses.

One said: "We don't have Cocomelon or Peppa Pig in my house."

"They can't miss what they don't know, I'm sure her baby is happy every one needs to calm down," another added.

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