Mum gives birth in 27 seconds in ‘fastest labour ever’ – & it only took one push

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Could this be the quickest birth ever?

After one big push, Sophie Bugg delivered her baby in just 27 seconds.

The 29-year-old was 38 weeks pregnant when she felt unwell and nipped to the loo in the night – and left with a newborn less than a minute later.

Thankfully, her other half Chris, 32, was on hand to act fast.

Sophie hobbled outside the bathroom door with the baby’s head between her legs, gave one big push, then delivered little Millie into her shocked partner’s arms.

Even though labour was extremely quick, the tot is happy, healthy and settling in nicely with her family in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Full time mum Sophie said: "I sat on the toilet, literally did a push and had the feeling that I should feel between my legs because it didn't feel like a poo.

"I put my hand down and I just felt her head! It was four in the morning, it was just so unexpected.

"I was calling Chris' name as her head came out but so much energy was going into me giving birth, I felt like the lady off of Titanic, shouting 'help' but it wasn't coming out loud enough!

"I thought he's not going to wake up but then when I got off the toilet, he was stood there in the doorway so he must have heard me.

"I just looked at him and said 'you've got to do the rest!' His face dropped but then the phone came out, he was talking to the paramedics, it all happened so fast.”

She continued: "My two other kids both woke up in the commotion as well so I had my eight year old poking her head round her bedroom door asking 'Mummy, are you ok?' I'm like 'yeah, I'm ok darling, just stay in your room for a minute!'

"I went from sat on the toilet to outside my toilet door on the top of the stairs, did one push and she was out."

The mum stayed in the landing cradling her newborn and with the placenta still inside her before paramedics arrived 12 minutes later.

Her umbilical cord was cut and Sophie and Millie were taken to hospital to be checked over for a couple of hours – and they were given the all clear.

Thankfully, the speedy labour was’t a complete shock to Sophie.

The mum-of-three had a very similar experience back in 2013 when her waters failed to break.

When she went to the toilet in the middle of the night, she delivered her first baby in 12 minutes.

Paige, now eight, was born still in her sac, which needed to be popped by a paramedic.

Then for her second pregnancy with baby Lexie, now two, Sophie was booked in for an induction.

She gave birth just 26 minutes after being induced, which is very quick but obviously not as fast as her latest record.

Sophie said: "My first baby was quite an experience – you don't expect anything like that with your first labour, to just be at home and then all of a sudden you've got a baby.

"You don't know what to expect. You get told all these different things from people like you're going to have a show, you'll have waters go, so you're waiting for these things to happen and they didn't for me so I didn't think I was giving birth until her head was out.

"My second baby, the doctors were so worried with the fact of how quickly I had my first that they had me induced so I was in hospital with my second, which was a relief.

"But then my third baby had the exact same plans as my first, but came even quicker! I couldn't believe how quickly she arrived.

"My body doesn't give me the signs of labour. My midwife and my consultant told me that I go from zero to baby, I don't dilate like every normal person does."

Doctors predicted Sophie’s third labour would be fast and booked the mum in to be induced.

Little Millie made an appearance early though, which is why she was delivered in the family’s bathroom.

Sophie said: "I was shocked when I gave birth to my first so quickly but I'm just in disbelief that I ended up giving birth at home once again and even quicker!

"I had no pain relief with two of my kids and the afterpain with my third was terrible from where I was straining so much because I thought she was a poo. I was left so sore for weeks – I literally felt like a baboon!

"I hear people's stories and I know several people who have been in labour for 72 hours and I can't possibly imagine that!

"I've never experienced that – my longest labour was 26 minutes and I've had three children. I do feel sorry for these people who have to go through it!”

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The mum added: "My two friends are both pregnant at the moment and they always say I'm inhuman! They said I'm some sort of superwoman in human form.

"With Millie, it was actually a really nice experience. Chris is the dad to all three of my kids but it has almost made us closer with the fact that he had to help deliver Millie.

"It was just me, him and all the kids, so it felt special.

“It says on Millie's medical paperwork that she was 'delivered by Chris spontaneously at home' so it's really nice.

"I'm just so glad I didn't go out for fresh air – I would have ended up having a baby in the garden all on my own.”

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