Mrs Hinch fans rave about Zoflora’s festive range sold in Home Bargains from 99p

Forget spring cleaning, festive tidying up sessions are all the rage this year.

Mrs Hinch fans are loving Zoflora’s new Christmas range.

Each disinfectant products has a Yuletide-inspired fragrances.

The limited edition scents include Warm Cinnamon, Cranberry and Orange Winter Morning and Winter Spice.

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You can use the products when giving your house the once over.

Alternatively, you can dilute them and use them to fragrance your Christmas decs.

On he Zoflora website, product creators advised: “When packing your Christmas decorations away spritz the packing paper with diluted Zoflora to keep them smelling festive.

“Freshen up your kitchen windowsills by wiping with diluted Winter Morning, removing dust and making your kitchen smell festive.”

If you want to purchase the Zoflora disinfectant, pop down to your local B&M and Home Bargains

Both retailers are selling the Christmassy products for 99p.

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The cleaning goods seem to be selling well as consumers are gushing about them on Facebook.

When a picture of the range were posted into the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, many said they’d picked some up.

One commenter remarked: “I use them for everything.”

Another said: “I love the warm cinnamon one.”

A third added: “Winter morning is my new fave.”

Mrs Hinch, a famous cleaning influencer, has also raved about Zoflora in the past.

Fans regularly spot the products in her tidying videos, which rack up hundreds of thousands of views.

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