Mortified woman left with giant circle on chest after epic tanning fail

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    A mortified woman has shown off her major tan fail after forgetting to put on sunscreen while sunbathing.

    Hannah Stocking, who gained a massive following on TikTok after her success on Vine, shared the tanning mishap in a video.

    "F*** my life," she captioned with a crying emoji and a sun emoji.

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    In the clip, she wears a colourful striped bikini to show off her nicely tanned skin from behind.

    Her friend walks up from behind and asks her: "You good, boo?"

    Hannah turns and looks at the camera – showing a tan line of a mask on her face and a huge circle mark on her chest, as well as tan lines of her crop top and shorts.

    It appears that she had gone out without putting any sun protection on.

    "Oh no…Hannah, no!" Her friend gasps and whispers. "Hannah, what the f-?"

    Viewers spotted Hannah's expression and said she was hiding her cry behind the fake laugh.

    "Trying to picture the outfit, face mask and where was she passed out in that outfit?" one asked.

    Some guessed Hannah might have got the tan when she attended outdoor festivals.

    Another commented: "That's one heck of a superhero outfit."

    "By the looks of the tan lines…looks likes she was wearing workout clothes exercising outside in a group," a third suggested.

    Others claimed it was fake and could just be the result of clever editing.

    Meanwhile, a gym-goer's wardrobe malfunction left people turning heads when she appeared to do squats with no trousers on.

    TikToker "Toupou" wore nude beige gym tights and viewers thought she was working out only with a T-shirt on.

    But she hit back and said people should focus on her workouts, rather than the outfits.


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