Morrisons celebration cakes: New magical range includes narwhals, llamas and Mermaids

Georgie the Giraffe Cake, £11

“Underneath this adorable face, sits a delicious madeira sponge covered with fondant icing and filled with raspberry jam and frosting”.

Wally the Narwhal Cake, £11

“For those looking for a ‘whale’ of a time; Wally is a madeira sponge cake covered with fondant icing, filled with raspberry jam and frosting.”

Larry the Llama Cake, £12

“One for the llama lovers, Larry is covered with white chocolate curls, filled with raspberry jam and frosting, and has a ‘surprise centre’.”

Mermaid Reef Cake, £12

“The little mermaids of the family will not be able to resist this cake. A madeira sponge cake topped with colourful decorations.”

Roary the Lion Cake, £9

“Sure to make you ‘roar’ with joy, this cake features a madeira sponge, raspberry jam and frosting and is topped with milk chocolate curls.”

Zoom Rocket Cake, £11

“Launch into any celebration with the Zoom Rocket Cake – a madeira sponge cake, decorated with coloured fondant icing and filled with yellow frosting.”

Buzzy Beehive Giant Cupcake, £10

Creepy Crawly Giant Cupcake, £10

DC Comics Batman Cake, £10

Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Cake, £12

Chocolate Mash Up Layered Cake, £11

Marvel Spider-Man Cake, £10

Animal Print Cake, £10

Mega Triple White Chocolate Cake, £12

Neapolitan Celebration Cake, £9

The cakes are all available in Morrisons stores and online on their website.

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