‘More confident’: Woman shares hair transformation after bleach damage – but it cost £685

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There are many different types of extensions, which all vary in price as well as how long they last. Ellie, who is a model spoke to Express.co.uk about her incredible hair transformation.

Extensions have become increasingly popular over the years as they are easy to maintain and are hassle-free.

Celebrities often have extensions fitted due to them changing their hairstyles so often.

After suffering from bleach damaged hair, model Ellie decided to visit a London salon for help.

Vixen & Blush is home to London’s leading hair extensions specialists, renowned for creating natural-looking hair.

The hair salon said: “This woman came to us with damage to her once long and thick hair from bleach. 

“During lockdown she had let her own natural root grow out and realised that she preferred a darker root and wanted to stop doing scalp bleaches at the salon as they were ruining her own hair quality. 

“Instead she came to Vixen & Blush to have hair extensions fitted.

“After bleach damage we recommended a 3/4 head of 20” micro ring hair extensions.  

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“The hair is attached using tiny metal rings meaning there is no heat or glue and the removal process after three months is very simple and quick. 

“Also the same hair can be refitted many times making this a great investment in good quality hair upfront, knowing it can be reused for a long time and will be more economical. 

“The hair extensions will now cover up the bleach damage for this client but also take the brunt of any heat styling in the future and allow the clients own hair to recover. 

“After three months she will see her own hair improve in quality.”

The hair salon also has a service called ‘GROWYOUROWN’ which helps customers grow their own hair while wearing the hair extensions.

They do this by recommending treatments, hair vitamins and the right products to help stimulate new hair growth.

The salon added: “The 3/4 20” micro bonds costs £685 for a first time fitting including the hair.  

“We use hair from The London Hair Lab which is the highest quality of human hair available. 

“The hair can then be refitted in three months time which costs £342.50, the client can go on using the hair for as long as as they want.

 “It usually take one year to recover the clients own hair quality after bleach damage at which point they can stop using hair extensions.”

The transformation has enabled Ellie to feel more confident in herself.

She explained: “I have always had good hair but I just felt my hair lacked ‘oomph’ and I really wanted to make a statement. 

“I work as a model so wanted a bit of a revamp. I was feeling a little flat at the time and I saw some amazing photos pop up on Instagram so I researched further and saw that they were from Vixen & Blush.

“I was sold immediately and booked in. I am now totally in love with my hair. 

“I feel so much more confident and can style my hair in so many ways now which works for various photoshoots. 

“My favourite way to style my hair now is in beach waves!”

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