Moment King Charles spots MailOnline reporter in skimpy dress

The King and I! Bizarre moment MailOnline reporter trying out the skimpy dress that broke the internet is spotted by KING CHARLES as his royal car pulls up at traffic lights (and his face says it all!)

  • Assistant video editor Alicia Watts bravely tried out Nothing But Style’s £19 sheer party dress in West London 
  • As she struck a pose next to Kensington Gardens, King Charles drove past (and couldn’t hide his surprise!) 
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This is the moment King Charles spotted our MailOnline reporter trying out the latest skimpy fashion trend to take Instagram by storm. 

Yesterday, assistant video editor Alicia Watts took to the streets of West London to try out Nothing But Style’s £19 sheer cut-out dress – which is a convincing dupe for the £130 God Saves Queens frock which has been going viral on Instagram. 

Determined to see how the racy dress – which has sheer panels around the midriff, sides and under the bust – would fare in the real world, Alicia set out from MailOnline’s HQ and walked the length of High Street Kensington.

Braving the February cold, the fashionista didn’t think twice about pausing to have her photo taken on a crossing next to Kensington Gardens.

But as Alicia happily struck a pose next to the traffic lights, King Charles just so happened to pull up in the car next to her while on his way to an engagement at Leighton House.

The hilarious moment King Charles is left stunned after seeing MailOnline reporter Alicia Watts modelling a dupe of the skimpy dress taking Instagram by storm

The hilarious moment King Charles is left stunned after seeing MailOnline reporter Alicia Watts modelling a dupe of the skimpy dress taking Instagram by storm

From the backseat, the monarch, 74, couldn’t hide his surprise after clocking Alicia’s mostly sheer mini dress – which has see-through panels on the thighs, stomach, bust and all along one side.

As he drove past our MailOnline reporter, King Charles is pictured giving our cameraman a quizzical look over Alicia’s outrageously risque party attire.

Following her brush with royalty, Alicia naturally headed straight over the road to Kensington Gardens – where she posed for a picture in front of the Palace gates.

And the viral dress didn’t just raise the monarch’s eyebrows – as Alicia was subject to countless baffled looks from shoppers on High Street Kensington as she strolled around the neighbourhood in a mini dress and heeled black boots. 

The £19 Nothing But Style dress is a take on the £130 God Saves Queens Carmen dress, which shot to Instagram stardom last month when Australian influencer Gabrielle Epstein modelled it on her feed.

The 28-year-old social media star, who boasts 3m followers, risked baring all as she posed for photos on a pedestrian bridge in south Melbourne while smoked a cigar. 

As a result, the daring £130 Carmen frock by the up-and-coming Polish brand has been sky-rocketing in popularity. 

Dozens of Instagram users from all over the world have been posting sultry shots of themselves wearing the underwear-inspired dress on hot European holidays, nights out in New York or even to enjoy a concert with friends. 

King Charles shot our photographer a quizzical look after spotting Alicia modelling the outrageously risque party dress by British brand Nothing But Style

Alicia Watts turned away after realising the monarch was about to drive past  her on the way to an engagement at Leighton House yesterday afternoon

Our assistant video editor Alicia couldn’t help but laugh as King Charles shot our cameraman a quizzical look from the backseat of his car

The £19 dress has one sheer panel running all the way down one side – from underneath the bust to the thigh

Alicia pictured modelling the daring frock in front of Kensington Palace after King Charles spotted her posing up a storm outside the gardens

Despite raising the monarch’s eyebrows, members of the public didn’t look twice at the £19 take on God Saves Queens’ viral Carmen dress

Alicia tested the £19 Nothing But Style dress on High Street Kensington to see how it would fare in the cold light of day 

Despite the risque cut-outs, God Saves Queens highlights on their website how the dress is ‘ultra-comfortable’ thanks to the ‘soft stretchy fabric’.

In the product description, the designers acknowledge that their viral dress is intended to be ‘scandalous’ to others and is aimed at women who ‘like to push the boundaries of fashion’. 

It reads: ‘This beautifully executed dress has strategically placed panels of mesh and ultra-comfortable stretchy fabric, contouring the body.

‘The Carmen dress bridges the gap between lingerie and outerwear, with a look so scandalous, it would be a sin not to wear it.’ 

Alicia ‘s £19 party dress -by British brand Nothing But Style – is made out of 95 per cent polyester and measures at just 58cm long

Left: MailOnline reporter Alicia Watts modelled the sheer £19 dress on High Street Kensington. Right: MailOnline’s assistant video editor also wore the dress to Kensington Gardens

Aussie model Gabrielle Epstein turned heads as she stepped out for a night on the town in God Saves Queens’ daring cut-out dress

Left: The £19 Nothing But Style Alicia wore around High Street Kensington is a dupe of the God Saves Queens dress. Right: The original £130 God Saves Queens dress taking Instagram by storm

What’s more, the dress has two different tones of nude mesh available so that the wearers’ stomach, upper thighs and chest aren’t completely exposed.

On top of this, the brand highlighted how the dress features their ‘signature mono-wire’ to provide chest support.

Founded by designer Karolina Preiss in 2014, God Saves Queens  started out as a luxury lingerie brand before taking the plunge into womenswear too.

Describing how each piece is designed in Poland and handmade, the brand writes on their website: ‘The mixture of our signature see-through meshes paired with extravagant laces and luscious embroideries have become a staple of the modern era of lingerie.’

In contrast, the cheaper alternative by British brand Nothing But Style is made of 95 per cent polyester and measures in at just 58cm long.

King Charles III spoke with with Iranian artist Shahrzad Ghaffari during his tour of the newly-renovated Leighton House museum in London

Charles was also pictured looking at stunning rugs from Afghanistan during his visit to the museum. He had been on his way to the museum when he drove past our reporter Alicia Watts

She oozed confidence inn the sizzling ensemble as she strutted down the street beaming as people who passed by around Kensington, West London

The people on their morning commute were wrapped up warm in jackets and hats while Alicia strutted down the street in the skimpy ensemble 

King Charles spotted our reporter as he made his way to Leighton House museum in London yesterday afternoon.

Charles toured the former home of Victorian artist Lord Leighton, who lavishly decorated parts of his property in a Middle Eastern style and with artefacts collected from his travels in the region.

Parts of the building have been renovated, with an exhibition space and learning centre created and new furniture commissioned from artists supported by Turquoise Mountain, an organisation founded by Charles in 2006 to help revive historic areas around the globe and traditional crafts.

The centrepiece of Leighton House, in the capital’s exclusive Kensington district, is the Arab Hall which was designed to display the Victorian artist’s priceless collection of more than a thousand medieval Islamic tiles, mostly brought back from Damascus in Syria.

Alicia modelled the £19 sheer dress around Kensington High Street yesterday. The Nothing But Style frock leaves the wearers’ stomach completely exposed

Alicia pictured waiting to cross the road in West London as members of the public turn a blind eye to her risque party dress from Nothing But Style

Alicia pictured in one of London’s iconic red telephone boxes as she modelled the sheer dress – which isn’t exactly underwear friendly thanks to the placements of sheer panels

Alicia definitely turned heads as she strutted down Kensington High Street in the skimpy semi-sheer ensemble and black heels 

The back of the viral dress is covered in a full black panel leaving the the racy sheer cut outs to the front of the ensemble  

Alicia Watts spoke to a member of the public while she was out and about in her racy dress yesterday around London 

Alicia definitely looked out of place as everyone was wrapped up warm due to the freezing cold weather in London on Thursday 

The stunning dress featured sheer skin colour panels which ran up one side of the dress and under her bust 

King Charles is seen looking over at Alicia Watts wearing the dress as his car drives on Kensington High Street

Alicia strutted around Kensington High Street showcasing the stunning viral dress and gauging reaction from the public 

While many were wrapped up in jackets and hats to keep warm Alicia strutted down the street in the racy outfit 

Alicia laughed as she watched the publics reaction to her dress on Kensington High Street West London, to see how it feels to

Trevor Beagrie commented on Alicia Watts sizzling dress after he spotted her while he was out walking his dogs 

Alicia spoke to Ludmilla while around Kensington about her ensemble and she seemed to like the viral dupe of the stunning dress 

Alicia crossed the road in front of evening traffic in her racy ensemble which turned a few heads of the commuters 

The tiles were the inspiration for a mural running up the length of a large spiral staircase which is part of the new renovations to the tourist attraction.

During his visit Charles saw other works by Turquoise Mountain craftsmen and women, from jewellery and textiles to sumptuous carpets from Afghanistan.

Shoshana Stewart, president of Turquoise Mountain, said: ‘His Majesty has been a huge supporter of artisans around the world and artisans with Turquoise Mountain and it is about creating a livelihood for people.’

She added: ‘And the wonderful thing which obviously His Majesty saw before anybody is that this is the way the world is moving and should move.

‘Which is that we want to increasingly buy a piece that means something, that comes from a particular tradition, and know about the person who made it.’

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