Mom Busy Philipps’ trick for conquering holiday stress is the last thing you’d expect

Busy Philipps says people should focus their lens on seeing their loved ones during the holidays and less on the little hassles of the season. (Photo: Getty Images)

First off, know this: Busy Philipps, is, uh, busy.

(Sorry, we couldn’t resist and it couldn’t be more true.)

She has a new E! talk show, “Busy Tonight,” and a new memoir, “It Will Only Hurt a Little.” Plus, the ultra-hectic holidays are bearing down for this mother of two.

It doesn’t help lessen holiday stress that she has “a very hard time saying no,” she said. 

While others may dread the invitations for holiday get-togethers and figure out how to politely say, “No,” the actress, talk show host, author and Instagram queen, flips the script.

Saying “Yes” helps her not only survive the holidays, but love them.

“I think people get very bogged down in feeling overwhelmed. But the holidays are a wonderful time. It’s a chance to see our friends, sometimes the ones you only get to see once a year,” the 39-year-old told All the Moms.

So, guys, attend the party, bake the cookies and go caroling this holiday if someone asks, she says.

Holidays are about celebrating the people in your life

Philipps says people need to focus less on aggravating holiday “whats,” like finding hard-to-find gifts and battling crowds, and more on the holiday “whos,” the dear friends and family we don’t get to see any other time of the year. 

It’s a time of gathering friends and families in fabulously decorated homes and focusing less on what’s overwhelming and focusing who’s there. Holidays are so amazing! And you get to give people cookies, or homemade gifts you made at Michaels.”

FYI, when Philipps isn’t saying no, she finds more to do, like approaching Michaels about being ambassador to of its yearly October campaign to promote screen-free fun.

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After being away from my two favorite things for 11 days(the longest I've ever left my kids)I got home last night and they took me out for my third favorite thing; nachos. It's good when the people you love know you so well.??❤️

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Make time for you and yours

Philipps isn’t saying that you don’t need to set boundaries over the holidays.

Now with her talk show shooting weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., she’s more harried than she used to be. But the actress and star of such hits as “Cougar Town,” “Freaks and Geeks” and “Vice Principals,” said she still makes time for her family and self-care.

“I haven’t given up my workouts,” she said. “I make sure I fit them in, right after I drop my kids off at the bus stop.” 

Working out has been a key factor in helping Philipps keep her anxiety in check, she said.

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Today is #TheAwesomeChallenge and my workout every morning makes me feel awesome(even on the days when I'd rather stay in bed, like today) For every post using #TheAwesomeChallenge @RocketsofAwesome will donate back-to-school clothing to a @Baby2Baby child in need. Let's do this! TAG 3 FRIENDS! @jengotch @tessholliday @kellyoxford @michellemonaghan @sophiabush

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Philipps shares daughters, Birdie, 10 and Cricket, 5, with producer Marc Silverstein. They spend weekend afternoons making cookies, doing crafts and making a lot of slime, especially Cricket.

“My free time is my family and friends,” Philipps said.

They’re especially looking forward to this year’s Elf on the Shelf set ups, which are epic. Think that’s an overstatement? 

Check out Philipps’ Elf on the Shelf creations

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So I guess the elves were tuckered out from construction and decided to chill at the beach with some friends. Seems like a fun Saturday to me! #elfontheshelf

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Last night, the elves took all their buddies to a drive in movie theater to see SULLY, obviously. #elfontheshelf

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LETS FIND OUT WHO IS ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK! One of Birdie's favorite shows is Chopped so obviously, there was a Tournament of Elves last night. If only a Ted Allen doll existed! @foodnetwork #elfontheshelf @thetedallen

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