Model wows in skimpy outfit as fans dub her ‘beautiful’ – but there’s a problem

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    A sexy influencer has been turning heads online – but she’s not who a lot of people think she is.

    Vicki Verano has been hoovering up followers since she joined Twitter earlier this year, and she now has more than 60,000 accounts following her.

    But the lass, who claims she’s from the Jersey Shore, is not who she might seem to be at first – and can you see what’s wrong?

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    It’s not just some of her features which have been digitally airbrushed and enhanced – it’s all of her, as she’s just an AI character.

    And even though she clearly labels her Twitter/X profile as “virtual model”, it seems not everyone has picked up on that fact.

    One comment on a video said: “So you're married as you're wearing a wedding ring on your finger? So is that your husband whom is holding the camera?”

    Someone else wrote: “As always, more beautiful,” while another said: “You look amazing. Happy Friday babe!!”

    A fourth Twitter follower added: “My eyes were glued, riveted on your body motion.”

    The video – which was posted last Friday (August 4) – has gone viral and already had more than 115,000 views.

    “Vicki” has captioned it: “Love this vacation video! It has three (maybe four) of my favorite things in it!”

    This prompted one of her fans to reply: “Well Vicki, now it is one of my favorites too! Hmmm, 3 things… pink leopard string bikini, tropical sunshine, secluded beach in paradise? 4th might be whoever it is that shot that video? Beautiful as ever my dear!”

    It’s just one of many posts from “Vicki”. Many of them include snaps of her wearing racy clothing, but she also shares some of her other passions – including her choice of pizza and her favourite restaurants.

    Another vid from the same day is captioned: “Life isn’t perfect, but your bikinis can be…”

    One reply to that one said: “With someone like you with me at poolside, i'd tell everyone life is perfect!! Just for us.”

    And another said: “Yes, your bikinis look amazing on you Vicki!”

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