Model shows off new hairstyle – but huge 38J boobs leave fans distracted

Model Mary Magdalene has taken to her Instagram page to show off her new hairstyle this week.

However, many of her Instagram followers were left slightly distracted by her eye-popping 38J breasts.

The 30-year-old, from Toronto, Canada, shared a snap with her 88,000 fans to reveal her new bob hairstyle.

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She showed them she was currently a redhead as she proudly flaunted the fringed 'do.

However, many of her admirers couldn't help but talk about the tattooed star's heaving chest as she sported a tiny bra top and knickers.

OnlyFans star Mary has recently undergone surgery after one of her breast implants exploded – leaving her with a uniboob.

And despite her saying she wants to go back 'more natural', it seems like she's stuck to the same size boobs.

This has left fans confused – as one asked her in the comments section: "Is this an old pic?? Or did you still get huge implants? Not judging, hope you’re healing fine."

While another added: "I thought you were de-transitioning from the implants? I'm just wondering, no specific reason or anything. I was looking forward to see your new look."

A third asked: "Is this after your op? Or before?"

Despite this some fans were looking higher up, as one exclaimed: "The bob looks so good, oh my life."

Mary told fans her implant had exploded at the start of February.

She said online at the time: "Hey you guys, so this is my boob now. So yeah basically my breast implant popped – again.

"I’m having surgery to take them out next week. I’m going to go back natural in not only my boobs but other parts of my body too."

The model is well known for her heavily modified looks after spending £81,000 on plastic surgery.

This includes a Brazilian butt lift, boob jobs, lip injections, veneers, nose jobs and even an eyebrow transplant.

She's also hit headlines for having the 'world's fattest vagina', however she recently underwent labiaplasty to reconstruct her vagina after illegal fillers left it looking like 'female testicles'.


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