Michelle Obama doesn’t believe you can have it all: ‘It’s not always enough to lean in’

Former first lady Michelle Obama is in advice-dispensing mode of late and one bit of wisdom she imparted to modern women on her current sold-out book tour: You can’t have it all.

The longtime assertion of some in the first-wave women’s movement, bolstered of late by the “lean-in movement,” is a “lie,” Obama said in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday night during one of the stops on her “Becoming” book tour.

And people are listening because, well, Obama has sold 2 million copies of her memoir in the first 15 days since publication while selling out stadiums on her tour, Crown Publishing announced Friday. 

She told the audience at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn she doesn’t buy the idea that it’s possible, let alone easy, to balance career and marriage and do both well, according to New York Magazine. 

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