Men are only just realising what the line along bottom of their scrotum is

Intimate health is extremely important, but it's also one thing that gets overlooked at times.

Now lads this one's for you as you've probably realised a scar running along the bottom of your scrotum before.

It's worth noting having the mark is completely normal as everyone has one.

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But many lads are probably unaware of where it actually comes from, so now we have your answer.

All humans begin development from the same starting point but then we become more distinct over time.

Male and female embryos are pretty much indistinguishable until about nine weeks into the pregnancy.

At this point, they start developing their own personal set of privates.

The scar at the bottom of the testicles, known as a Scrotal Raphe, forms during the development of the genitals.

Meanwhile the tissue, called labioscrotal swellings, develops into different things depending on whether the child has a Y chromosome or not.

For females, the tissue develops into the outer labia, whereas the male's tissue turns into the scrotum.

Some men felt relieved when they found out as a Twitter user thought "two guys were sewn into one".

Another joked: "I feel some men are crying right now."

Others were glad it wasn't a scar from an injury they didn't remember.

We're glad to have had that cleared up then…

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Looking for more interesting facts about down there?

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