Melania Trump’s red Christmas trees have Twitter crying ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

The 2018 White House holiday decor features a theme of “American Treasures.”

Thanksgiving is over, so its time for store owners to hang twinkly lights, my neighbor to put a giant red bow on a bush outside and the first lady to present decorations out of a nightmare.

At least that’s how a bunch of Twitter users are describing Melania Trump’s 2018 holiday furnishings.

On Monday, Trump unveiled the White House’s Christmas decor, which includes a hall of crimson trees without any ornaments and a wreath made out of unnecessarily sharpened “Be Best” pencils, in honor of her anti-bullying campaign. 

According to a press release from the first lady, this year’s Christmas theme is “American Treasures,” which has the White House shining “with the spirit of patriotism.”

Red for patriotism? On social media, the trees’ color was received differently.

Some thought the trees looked like the handmaids’ red outfits in dystopian series “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Checking out FLOTUS decorations at the White House like…

And there were those who thought of Dr. Seuss’ story about deforestation, “The Lorax.

the Lorax must be ENRAGED

This year, @FLOTUS borrows holiday decorating ideas for the White House from The

At least Trump’s new decorations, which also include green trees and a National Mall made out of gingerbread, appear to be an improvement from 2017, which was less than warm and inviting with its barren white branches in a hall and a video of the first lady uncomfortably watching ballerinas.

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