Melania Trump’s body language shows she is more than just an ‘old-school trophy wife’

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Melania Trump, 50, met her now husband Donald in America in 1998 and they later got married in 2005. She can now be seen beside her husband on several occasions supporting his role as the American President. A body language expert has shared how Melania had low confidence when she stepped into the White House which has now grown, making her more popular. 

Melania and Donald met at a party in Manhattan and have been together ever since.

They have been in the global spotlight since they met due to him being a billionaire businessman and Melania modelling for a lingerie company.

Since Donald has been president however, body language expert Judi James suggests that Melania went from being an “old-school trophy wife,” to being “more than just a trophy,” as her confidence has grown. 

Looking at photos of the couple throughout their years in the White House, body language expert Judi James explains how Melania’s confidence has led her to pushing her own role in the White House.

She said: “I think Melania’s body language signals as she first stepped into the job of FLOTUS suggested the lowest ebb of her confidence in the entire four years she has been placed in a global spotlight.”

Judi explains how Donald’s relationship with Melania was more based on power rather than providing any affection for her in public.

She went on: “Trump’s pitch for power and the personal charisma it was based on were all entrepreneurial rather than political so there had been very, if any, promotion of Melania as the traditional US presidential candidate’s wife. 

“POTUS and FLOTUS are often sold as a power-couple in the US, and the Trumps were following in the wake of probably the most successful, photogenic political power team of recent times in the Obamas, who were known for their PDAs and their strong promotion as a loving, mutually-admiring couple.”

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The body language expert explained how Melania never used to appear at many of his events and if she did, appeared beside him with no speaking role.

Judi continued: “Melania tended to appear more as the old-school trophy wife though, looking icily beautiful in a very non-speaking role as her husband promoted business-based relatives like his daughter and son-in-law in his top tier.

“Melania’s styling then harked back to the days of Jackie Kennedy and her body language suggested a lack of desire to promote or push her own profile more than looking like a film star. 

“The spotlight was emphatically Donald’s, and his love of attention and showboating was in complete contrast to her more rigidly tense-looking behaviour.”

However in the last year or so, Melania has built up her own profile and has engaged a lot more with Donald’s events as well as speaking at her own.

The expert explained: “Since then we have seen a slow build of Melania’s profile as FLOTUS and her growing confidence in her own popularity and stand-alone role. 

“She took baby steps but that meant she managed to make few if any mistakes. 

“With an election in the offing she must be aware she is about more than just a trophy now, her popularity has to be seen as vote-winning and her speeches and her White House poses suggest she has almost fully grown into the role of a woman who can make a difference.”

The First Lady now appears at events on her own and has even launched her own campaigns.

Judi said: “She now poses alongside her husband using mirrored body language with her arms down by her sides and her chin held high. 

“Her Jackie Kennedy outfits have been replaced by a look that is more military or even business-like, with sharp suits and uniform-style tailoring.”

This suggests that she is now more confident in her role as First Lady. 

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