Meghan Markle’s anti-stress patch called ‘pseudoscience’ by an expert

Meghan Markle was spotted wearing an anti-stress patch on her wrist while out and about near her home in Montecito, California. Royals fans noticed that Meghan was wearing a bright blue patch under her £1,200 Max Mara wool coat.

Brand NuCalm later confirmed that the Duchess was wearing its “NuCalm Bio-Signalling Disc” on their Instagram story. On its website, the company states the anti-anxiety device can “change your mental state with no drugs”.

It claims the patch is able to make the wearer feel much more relaxed. The patches cost $80 (£63) for a pack of 20 or $400 (£315) for a pack of 100.

The NuCalm website explains that the patches are tied to an app on your phone, and aims to slow down frequencies or “brainwaves” associated with stress by using music and that “complex physics, mathematics, and algorithms built into a software that lies beneath the music.”

But can NuCalm actually help with stress? Jim Poole, the CEO of NuCalm has said that the device can “naturally and reliability” help people relax, help with focus and improve their sleeping patterns.

In an interview with Hello, Mr. Poole explained: “NuCalm allows you to manage your mental state on demand without the need for drugs. From the deepest levels of sleep to the highest levels of intensity and everywhere in between.

“Using complex physics, mathematics, and algorithms in software underneath music, NuCalm gently guides brain wave function. All you need is a mobile device and headphones.”

On seeing Meghan wearing the patch, Mr. Poole has said he is aware that the Duchess was a fan of their brand. He said: “I always enjoy seeing people use the NuCalm biosignal processing discs because it means they are making time and effort to take care of themselves.”

Guy Leschziner, a professor of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at King’s College London has been more skeptical about the product.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Mr. Leschziner said that some of the company’s claim that “NuCalm can create the physiological benefits of two hours of restorative sleep in just 20 minutes” should be treated with caution.

He said: “It sounds like pseudoscience, how you could possibly say that 20 minutes of sleep under this device equates to two hours of normal deep sleep, I just don’t understand.”

However, according to Mr. Leschziner, the claim to use neuroacoustic vibrations to change someone’s mental state could theoretically be possible. He said: “There is some evidence that by utilising acoustic signals, you can modulate brainwaves but I think that the devil is in the details.”

Mr. Leschziner remains critical of their company’s claim that they can “change your mental state with no drugs.” He said: “It doesn’t look like they’ve actually proven anything, they may well prove us all wrong, but the burden of proof is on them.” has reached out to NuCalm for comment.

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