Meet the model who became Taiwan’s ‘most beautiful fishmonger’

This model and fishmonger is quite the catch.

Liu Pengpeng, a 26-year-old model from Changhua County, was recently dubbed Taiwan’s “most beautiful fishmonger” after a Facebook user visited a local market and spotted Pengpeng handling fish. He then uploaded a photo of Pengpeng and posted it online.

“Ma, in the future, I will always help you buy fish,” he captioned, as reported by Taiwanese outlet Apple Daily.

Pengpeng became an overnight internet celebrity, and was even covered by local news outlets. She told them she was just helping her mother run the family’s fish stall. Pengpeng’s mom described her as a loyal daughter who tries to help out with the family business in between her modeling gigs.

“Thank you for all your support!” she recently wrote on her Facebook page, and told her followers that she’ll continue working at the market. Their stall has since been packed with admirers hoping Pengpeng will hand their fish orders.

“My family has been running this stall for four generations and business has always been good,” Pengpeng told the Daily Mail. “‘To be honest, a lot of people who are here now are just busy filming me on their phones, I’d rather they buy more fish from my mom!”

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