Meat lovers left fuming as Asda plans to sell vegan black pudding in-store

Many meat lovers aren't happy after news that Asda will start selling vegan black pudding.

As most foodies know, black pudding is a type of blood sausage, traditionally made with pork or beef blood, pork fat or beef suet, and a cereal-like oatmeal or barley groats.

Meanwhile, the vegan alternative, made by The Bury Black Pudding Company, contains no meat at all.

The product swaps out blood, pork fat, and rind for vegetable fat and black beans instead.

After selling its products direct-to-consumer through their website as well as independent outlets and butchers, the vegan black pudding will now be on the shelves at over 300 Asda stores in England and Wales.

Matthew McDermid, Brand and Marketing at the Bury Black Pudding Company, said::‘We have seen the demand for our vegetarian and vegan black pudding increase significantly over the last 12-18 months.

"Given Asda’s keen focus on plant-based options, it made sense for us to approach them with our meat-free alternative."

However, a number of meat and black pudding lovers have taken to social media to slam to food item.

One person wrote: "Vegetarian black puds. Well I’ve heard it all now. They won’t eat meat but will eat stuff that tastes like meat, looks like meat, and has meat texture. I don’t get it. I’ll stick to proper black puds."

While another added: "Sorry, but this is in no way, shape or form Black Pudding.’

A third added: "Why the f*** are we pandering to vegans all the time?"

While a fourth sarcastically asked: "Is it April Fools Day?"

Despite the backlash from some, many were in favourite of the plant-based alternative.

One person commented: "I eat meat and actually like having a meat-free option sometimes. The more variety the better."

While another added: "Most vegans grew up eating meat, and since many family traditions centre on food, vegan meat alternatives allow people to enjoy familiar dishes and some of their favourite comfort foods without compromising their values of kindness and compassion."

Asda and Bury Black Pudding Company have not yet said when the product will be available in stores, but, according to Metro, it is likely to be soon.

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