McDonald’s worker shares ‘least ordered’ item that remains unsold for months

A McDonald's worker has shared the "least ordered" item in his restaurant after finding it hadn't been sold for months.

Stephen Patula, an area supervisor from Waterford, Ohio in US, said he hadn't seen any customers ordering the item until about a month ago.

In a TikTok video, he said: "What is the least ordered item at my McDonald's? We bought this store back in July and we haven't yet served one hot tea.

"I actually didn't know we sold hot tea until like about a month ago."

But he said in contrast, the restaurant's most-sold item is iced tea.

"Exactly someone asked for hot tea the other day and I had to ask where it was on the machine because I had no clue where it was or that we even sold it," one wrote in the comments.

Another joked: "I know what I'm asking for next time I'm there."

The 24-year-old manager showed in a previous video how he made iced sweet tea.

He first dropped a full pitcher of ice into the machine before adding a massive tea bag in the brew basket.

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The worker then added syrup in to make it sweeter.

Other McDonald's employees seemed to agree with Stephen as they found themselves in a similar situation.

Meanwhile, a McDonald's worker has showed his TikTok viewers how he treated "rude" customers who "demanded" for fresh fries.

Deandre dropped the fries back into fryer to "re-heat" them and took it out a few seconds later.

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Some fans shared the trick and said "just order fries with no salt" to guarantee getting a pack of fresh fries.

Gem, who works at McDonald's drive-thru counter, revealed that workers took a "mugshot" of customers to identify which order is which.

They can also hear the customer's conversation when they were not speaking to them.

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