McDonald’s fan invents ‘Percy Pig McFlurries’ and people are raving about them

A McDonald's fan has shown off a Percy Pigs spin on the McFlurry ice cream and it has viewers salivating and desperate to give it a try.

In a TikTok video, user @melika_zaidi showed herself at a Maccies drive-thru and ordered a plain McFlurry.

She then details her "recipe" while in the car, stating off with some squirts of the M&S Percy Pig sauce which she mixes in with a spoon.

The Maccies fan then adds some Percy Pigs and some Percy tails and a dollop more of the pink sauce on top to finish it off for "aesthetics".

She rates her creation a 10 out of 10 and tells her viewers they "must try" it.

The video has since been watched thousands of times and many viewers were very keen on the idea and wanted to get their friends involved too.

One fan tagged a pal and commented: "Oh my god, we need to try this."

"Please can we try this?!" Wrote another viewer.

But someone else dismissed the bright pink dessert and wrote: "It looks sickly."

Another menu hack shows the McDonald's milkshake being combined with an Espresso for a caffeinated sweet drink with a twist.

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Fans said they have been combining coffee with the chocolate milkshakes for a mocha-type drink and other people are going for a more fruity flavour by mixing banana with coffee, which apparently is more delicious than it sounds.

Meanwhile, customers are petitioning McDonald's to release its Lotus Biscoff McFlurries and the dessert is already available in France.

The burger chain has also recently launched a barbecue bacon stack burger and its legendary mozzarella sticks are back on the menu too.

It is packed with two juicy 100% British and Irish beef patties, melty pepper jack cheese and Beechwood Smoked Bacon topped off with tomato, lettuce, onions plus McDonald’s signature BBQ sauce.

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