McDonald’s fan claims hack gets you the tastiest fries and is ‘best way’ to eat

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    A McDonald's fan claims he's found a hack to ensure you get the tastiest fries – but not everyone is convinced.

    US-based content creator Jonathan Paul Lambiase, who creates popular food channel Hellthy Junk Food, claimed to have found a "true food hack" to enjoy McDonald's better.

    "The best way to eat McDonald's – next time you hit the Driv-Thru, ask for medium fries with no salt," he explained in the clip.

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    "We all know they will make it hot and fresh this way, the new hack is when you roll up to the window, politely ask for them for a medium cup and salt packets.

    "Pour in a few salt packets into the cup, dump in your fries and shake them up.

    "With the residual oil, the salt will stick to the fries nicely, giving you hot, fresh salted fries.

    "You can also secure your fries in the cup holder in the car – how convenient."

    Jonathan said he can re-use the empty fry carton as a "burger holder" which he demonstrated by sliding the double cheese burger in to avoid losing any toppings.

    "I honestly can't think of any better ways to eat McDonald's on the go," he added.

    The tip definitely gave viewers some food for thought with some saying it looked great to keep their hands clean while driving.

    "That's amazing to 'drink' your fries," one wrote and a second commented: "He's living in 3022."

    But others said it wasted a plastic cup and couldn't guarantee if the fries are freshly made.

    "They can just put the fries back in the fryer for five seconds to burn off the salt," a TikToker shared.

    A McDonald's worker said he hates it when people ask for fresh fries during peak hours as they have to open a new batch of fries.

    "You can just ask for fresh fries, don't have to waste the cup and salt and it tastes the same," a third suggested.


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