March Horoscopes: The Astro Poets Predict Your Love Life Is Warming Up

In the new and longer days of March, communication will be tested—particularly between the friends you’ve known for so long, they’re basically family. Remember that people are allowed to change, as are you. The new moon in Pisces on March 6 will bring up many unresolved emotions about past relationships. The full moon in Libra on March 21 is a great opportunity to change something in your surroundings, aesthetically speaking, or to make room for change. The past and the future are always in relationship to one another. Nothing is ever final or absolute. Going forward often means taking a real and measured look back.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


It won’t be until the end of this month that you’ll start to feel that Aries fire again. Although things may not be happening as fast as you’d like them to professionally, try not to despair. There is momentum coming your way, and it will be self-generated. You’re a tremendous worker. You know exactly when to turn up the heat. Try to stay focused as coworkers and friends may disappoint you, in terms of what you expect from them regarding projects and plans. Still, Aries optimism is one of the fiercest in the zodiac. It's almost childlike, in the best sense. If you take just one piece of advice, let it be to hold on to that optimism and to the ideal life that you’ve always imagined for yourself. Even on days when you don’t want to admit it, you're dreaming up the next phase of your life, your bags always packed, ready to leave anywhere this minute if you have to.


This March, you'll be focused on your career goals. There are many forces at play influencing your work life, giving you plenty of opportunities to meet new people who can push your career forward. It’s also a time to reconnect with old connections from your past. They'll seek you out for advice and renewed projects. As you find these people again, remember to show off all that you've accomplished professionally in the past few years. Don’t be shy to show everyone in your field just how powerful and influential you can be, instead of hiding behind a coy façade. As for love, you'll find yourself influenced by feelings of nostalgia. Your old flames may have moved on, but you certainly haven’t, and you'll feel a need to do some late-night texting on several nights. Don’t resist the urge to feel, but do try to contain your expectations. A new love is on the horizon, but you may not even meet the person of your dreams until you've put a few old feelings away. Most of all, try to keep on connecting with exciting people, both personally and professionally. If you do, a golden hue will set over everything you touch this month.


Some turbulence is in store for one of your very close friendships. Most likely, it will take the form of a miscommunication. It may turn into something bigger, though, if you don't address it head-on. Being transparent about your feelings is not one of your strong suits; you’d rather make a joke or have a night out and pretend nothing bad ever happened. March will test your emotional resolve, as well as your ability to listen. As much as possible, remain open with your feelings and try not to shut down. You have a tendency to play devil’s advocate when you’re in a conflict with a friend, mostly for the sake of being controversial. And while it's quite entertaining, that hasn’t served you very well in the past. Try something different this time. You’ll always be the entertainer at the party and in your group of friends. It’s okay to be the person who feels, and who's open about those feelings as well.


March will be a time of new beginnings. As the weather turns, your long-held plans will start to take shape. You'll be giving your all to a longtime love, either by cementing what's currently between you or by enticing them to take your relationship further. Whatever the case, you're all in, and you'll continue to be long past the end of this month. You certainly are what could be termed as a nester-for-life, and you'll see more of that side of yourself over the next few weeks. Maybe now is the time to buy that piece of furniture you’ve been eyeing for a while, because why not? Professionally, you'll find that your skills of persuasion are still excellent, but getting what you want may require some extra work. You'll need to remember that just saying what should be done isn’t always the best argument to convince everyone to do it, and you should take some time to remember your audience in each situation. Overall, things will move positively this month, as you carry forth your beating heart into the everyday sun, and find plenty of opportunities to give and receive love from everyone around you.


You’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to settle down and feel rooted, whether with a person or within a place. These thoughts are leading you toward considering things you wouldn’t have considered even a year ago. While you’re looking to make greater commitments in the love department, don’t forget that your good friends have always been in that department as well. You pride yourself on taking great interest in the lives of the people around you, but perhaps you should check up on them a little bit more this March. When you’re happy and projecting that Leo magnetism outwards, it truly inspires those who are close to you, even if they’re struggling. Your loyalties will bring you a lot of good karma—not to mention a few endless nights this month, when you’ll feel quite grateful for the life you have.

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As the trees begin to flower, so will you burst forth with so many new flowers and possibilities. Your career is going wonderfully, and it will continue to pick up momentum as the month wears on. Be careful to not misinterpret cues of acceptance in the workplace as part of a long narrative of rejection. Most people around you really are ready to support your professional growth, if you let them. Communication will be an issue, and you should be careful not to mishear what others are saying. This may be harder to do in the realm of love, where the ideas that your partner voices may feel like challenges. You will struggle to trust your lover(s), when really, you need to think about how to trust yourself. Be true to the person you know you consistently are, and your love relationships will reap the benefits greatly. Try to do what you do best, which is to ride out the bumps of everyday life with your classic grace. Know that you are worthy of absolutely everything. And because you will work tirelessly for it, you will get all that you deserve.


March will be a month in which you yearn for more silence. You may have trouble allowing yourself to have it, given how open and available you are with those close to you. Libras often feel guilty for indulging in their alone time. You also have a lot of fear around what you’re missing out on when you decline invitations, trips, and nights out. Be sure to give yourself the peace you’re craving now, especially because it won’t be a slow spring for you; by summer, you may even realize you’ve taken on more work and projects than you should have. Turning off your phone and hiding out at home with a great book may seem impossible and retro, but try it. Try it for even just half a day. In terms of love, you’ll need to be braver. You’ll need to take the same ambition you’re applying to your work life right now and invest in it.


This month will see you feel a very strong creative surge. And while you don’t want to drop all of your responsibilities to be one with your creative outpouring, you should still make it a priority. Now is your time to create the beautiful things you were born to create. Nothing should stand in your way. If this creativity relates to your job, then all the better. But if it doesn’t, then you’ll still find a way to create a happy harmony between the work you do day-to-day and the work you're driven to do for your spirit. Getting into love, you've been trying to lie to your heart for so long, but this month, your heart may speak for you. You'll feel ready to pursue something new, whether within your current relationship or with a new flame. Or you may just be happy to set out on your own for a while, and let your feelings settle into a solitary rhythm. Whatever the case, you will feel compelled to no longer see your love relationships in the way you have seen them in the recent past. Instead, in the spirit of spring, you will flourish and make a new way.

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Despite how confident you appear on the outside—almost always, even when you’re down—many people don’t know how self-critical you can be, and how much harder you are on yourself than even your enemies. This March, this bad habit of fighting yourself will rear its ugly head. The truth is, you’re looking for outside validation in order to give yourself a break. Perhaps you’re looking for a raise at work or some accolade to make you feel valued. And what happens if you don’t get it (not yet anyhow)? Will you continue to torture yourself? Please don’t. There is so much ahead of you. The person you need to be most kind to as spring begins is yourself. That’s also the only way to sustain the immense passion you have. Don’t forget about it. It is very real.


You are known for how loyal and true you are to your friends, and this month, many of your friends will need you. You also have a knack for knowing just exactly how to make someone feel better. This skill will be much needed as a specific friend will ask you to help them feel motivated again. Being there for others is something that ignites your strong humanitarian side, so all of your devotion will reward you spiritually. In terms of your career, you keep reaching for higher and higher goals and the universe is ready to show you some tangible outcomes of your ferocious work ethic and brilliance. Expect to hear some good news early in the month and toward the end of the month too. And when it comes to love, you tend to play favorites, so you likely have a favorite crush this month whose presence will keep rising to the surface. You aren’t shy, but you might feel a little reserved when it comes to making the first move. The stars say: go for it.

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As the days continue to lengthen, you’ll feel yourself being pulled out of confusion regarding a romantic prospect, or perhaps a long-term partner. This confusion may have to do with how compatible you two are, in the long run, and it may also have to do with your own feelings about how vulnerable you allow yourself to be in love. Trust your most romantic and ideal impulses. They’re there, buried under all the armor you bring with you into the world. You’re a rebel by nature, which can sometimes give your lovers the wrong impression. Maybe be a little less contrarian this month. Show your soft side. Say yes a little more often and a little bit louder. Toward the end of the month you’ll be surprised by a gesture from someone you thought you’d burned a bridge with. Remember that it’s always possible to change.


For the past few months, you've been focused on widening your consciousness. This month will provide you plenty of opportunities to widen it even further, as there will be chances for you to travel, or at least to roam around your hometown with fresh eyes. Be careful not to forget all of the plans you've made as you stretch your sights on the unseen, as the practical world is also something to revere and something that you deeply cherish. Keep plotting your course for your career path, while you move through your spiritual journey, and there will surely be dividends in both areas. In regard to love, you're feeling steady and true, but maybe for more than one person. Most of all, go with your feelings, as they're the source of all of your personal growth. There will be a person from your past who'll want a bigger role in your present life, and it’s okay to let them have it. They only want to be near your ebullient energy and fiery love. Keep reminding yourself that they only want to love you. Oh, but who doesn’t?

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