Man Saves The Day For His Neighbor By Using His Broken Arm

One man put his temporary disability, a broken arm, to good use in order to save the life of his 93-year-old neighbor from a house fire.

When Altavious Powell smelled the strong scent of smoke coming from the home of Maria Cabral, the kindly 93-year-old woman who had known Powell since he was a child, he leapt into action, not letting his broken arm slow him down and thus, made himself a hero in his neighborhood in Miami Gardens, Florida.

According to CNN, Powell used the cast on his arm to smash in a window of Cabral’s home. Once inside, he was able to quickly locate the elderly woman in a hallway near her bathroom. She was alone and understandably, quite frightened.

“I grabbed her with one arm,” Powell told reporters. “She looked back at me and she just said ‘thank you.'”

The Miami-Dade Fire rescue crew told CNN that upon the arrival of firefighters, smoke was visible from Cabal’s one-story home but flames could not be seem. Eventually, the rescue crew was able to determine that Powell had not only saved Cabral’s life but he had managed to put out the “main body of the fire” as well – all with a broken arm.

As for the source of the fire, the fire department is either still investigating or not able to release the exact cause at this time but a relative of the survivor came forward to suggest that the fire may have been caused by a candle that Cabral lights most nights in one corner of her home.

The grateful 93-year-old woman was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but is said not to be in serious condition. Powell was looked at by medics on the scene but did not need to be transported to the hospital. The broken-armed neighborhood warrior chose to put all of the focus on Cabral when he was questioned by reporters rather than soaking up the attention of his heroic feat. Powell simply stated that Cabral has known him since he was a little boy.

Powell’s neighbors, including Cabral, will likely rest easy from now on knowing that they have someone watching out for them, broken bones be damned.

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