Man gets shock of his life for trying very intense massage at Turkish bath

A man has left viewers in stitches after sharing his eye-opening experience of Turkish bath.

Lifestyle vlogger Faruk Acar, from Turkey, and his friends pampered themselves with a spa treatment as they visited a local bath house.

"I was really tired this week and all I need now is to rest and Turkish bath is really good for this," the 21-year-old said in his YouTube video.

The group checked into a bath house and went for a swim in the pool before they tried the steam sauna.

But the best way to soothe muscle fatigue is to get a traditional massage

In the clip, Faruk and his friends are lying on a tile-covered bed while the masseurs exfoliate their skin on their body.

The expert, who is wearing face masks in the warm room, puts on a glove and scrubs hard on Faruk's back, underarm and legs, to remove all the dead skin.

Then he drops a bag full of lather onto his chest and starts applying it all over his body.

Faruk lets out a shriek when the masseur applies pressure on his muscle and slaps him in on the thigh.

But the massage doesn't end there, the expert walks up to him and gives him a press on the head to alleviate his neck pain.

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Faruk flips over and is given a few "slaps" on his back before the masseur massages it.

His friend, however, gets a special treatment as the expert spins him around on the bed and bending his hands behind his back.

The group can be heard yelling in fear during the treatment.

The traditional Turkish bath, known as Hammam, consists of three main rooms – a hot room to steam, a warm room to scrub and massage and a cool room to relax.

Viewers joked Faruk's massage experience was a "torture".

"I can't stop laughing watching this!" one wrote.

Another commented: "Such a great experience… can say that you guys are enjoying so well and having fun with this adventure. An unforgettable one!"

"That's called torture massage!" a third said. "But you guys are having fun!"

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