Man builds nightclub in his basement complete with a bar made from a chimney

Over the last year, many of us will have undertaken some home improvements.

Spending so much time within the confines of our four walls means we saw opportunities to better and revamp our spaces.

From kitchen updates to garden redesigns, we didn’t hold back when it came upgrades.

However, one man has gone further than most.

TikTok user John, whose username is @spaghettiinmygymbag, decided that the lockdowns were the perfect opportunity to build a nightclub in his basement.

He has been sharing the renovation journey on the social media app and said to begin, he completely dug out the basement by hand.

He then lowered the floor’s level by 19 inches. In turn, this made the area appear wider and spacious.

Next, he soundproofed the walls by inserting closed cell foam to prevent the music from disturbing his neighbours.

Following on from this, thicker drywall was also added ‘in case knuckleheads try to punch through walls.’

John also shared a look at his incredible bar which was made from a chimney they had torn out earlier in the process.

Finally, to create a marble floor effect, John poured a selection of metallic paints and mixed them together.

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The result is a glossy and polished floor that would fit any top city nightclub.

John’s video has received over 37.5 million views and those in the comments were seriously impressed.

‘This needs far more recognition oh my god,’ said one viewer.

‘I need an invitation when this is done,’ wrote another.

While some offered John their services.

One excited follower commented: ‘Let me know if you need a bartender or bottle girl!’

What do you think of John’s ‘at home’ nightclub?

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