Man, 48, kicked out of bars for snogging 22-year-old vows to ‘ignore haters’

An age gap couple has been kicked out of bars for piling on the PDA.

But John Noble, 48, is still chuffed to be dating a woman who is 26 years his junior.

He met Sasha Archibald on a night out in Ibiza – and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

While some accuse the 22-year-old of being with her older partner “for money”, the Chichester-based pair insist this is not the case.

They refuse to let cruel comments get in the way of their relationship due to the “overwhelming connection” they share.

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John said: "I like house music, clubbing and socialising. I spend a lot of my time with younger people.

"Two of my closest friends are in their 20s – I was with one of them in Ibiza, when we met up with Sasha and her friends.

"Neither of us were looking for someone to date. We both went to Ibiza single, looking to have a good time.

"But when we met up, we had an instant, powerful and overwhelming connection.

“It’s like the stars brought us together. We simply had to see where it would lead.”

The couple started dating in secret as they worried what family and friends would think about their age gap.

But as their bond grew stronger, they opened up about their relationship.

John explained: "We kept the relationship quiet at first, only amongst close friends, because of the age difference…

"My parents were OK, as long as I am happy. Which I am. More than happy.

"For Sasha, naturally her parents were concerned at first, as any would be (in particular her father).

"But over time, as he sees we are serious, he has accepted it and come round to the idea.

“As long as Sasha is happy, which she is.”

While the pair have won the support of family and friends, they still have to deal with comments from strangers.

Many stare at John and Sasha in the street, but they don’t seem to mind the attention too much.

John remarked: "It’s a mixed response and depends on very much where we go.

“At first in our local town, it did cause a bit of a stir, particularly amongst younger males.

"They couldn’t get their heads round why Sasha would be with an older guy.

"But we are a well-known couple around town now and there is a general acceptance wherever we go.

"We’ve even been described as the ‘Posh and Becks’ of Chichester.”

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The couple have learned to live with the staring – and they shrug off any cruel comments they receive too.

John said: "Our public displays of affection (PDAs), have literally got us thrown out of bars. But we don’t care.

“We love each other so much and we are not afraid to show it…

“In bigger cities, like London where we are not known, we get the odd stare or odd comment – usually about money.

“We’ve heard them all before. We seem to get more positive comment now.

"When people see us together, they can totally see what we have.

“They often come up to us and say how cute we are together.”

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John hopes speaking about his love life will help others who are in age gap relationships.

He added: "Our advice is to ignore the haters.

“If you love each other, you love each other. Never be afraid to show it. We’re not.

"We don’t see an age gap when we are together. Only other people see it.

"We think alike, think of the same things at the same time and finish each other’s sentences.

“We are connected mentally, spiritually and emotionally…

“We have gotten closer since day one and throughout our relationship.

“We are now inseparable! I certainly can’t imagine life without Sasha.”

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