Making mapo chili hot dogs, campfire banana boats and savory s'mores

Leah Cohen, chef and owner of New York City restaurants Pig & Khao and Piggyback, joined “Good Morning America” to share some campfire classics with a new twist.

The “Lemongrass & Lime” cookbook author amped up the flavor of a traditional chili dog using Asian flavors and ingredients and offered a savory version of s’mores.

Check out the full recipes below.

Mapo Chili Dog

PHOTO: Chef Leah Cohen's mapo chili hot dogs.


1/2 cup oil (divided)

2 fresh red Thai chili sliced thin

8 dried whole Thai chili broken

2 tablespoons Sichuan peppercorn coarse ground3 tablespoons minced ginger3 tablespoons minced garlic8 ounces ground pork 2 tablespoons spicy bean sauce 2/3 cups homemade chicken stock, low sodium store bough or water

1/2 pounds silken tofu

2 teaspoons corn starch mixed with 1/4 cup cold water

1/2 teaspoon sesame oil

1 teaspoon sugar


1/4 cup thinly sliced green scallions (garnish)

1/4 cup crispy shallots (store bought)

6 hot dogs scored

6 brioche hot dog bun sides buttered and toasted


First, dry toast the chilies. Heat your wok or a small saucepan over low heat. Add 1/4 cup of the oil and throw in the fresh and dried peppers. Stir occasionally and cook until fragrant, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside.

Once it’s cooled, strain and keep oil. Heat the remaining 1/4 cup of oil in your wok over medium heat. Add your ground Sichuan peppercorns and stir occasionally for 30 seconds. Add the ginger. After 1 minute, add the garlic. Fry for another minute, and then turn up the heat to high and add the ground pork. Break up the meat and fry it until it’s cooked through.

Add the spicy bean sauce to the mixture and stir it in well. Add 2/3 cups of chicken stock to the wok and stir. Bring this up to a boil and then slowly add in cornstarch mixture and simmer for 5 minutes.

While that’s cooking, purée the soft tofu in a blender until smooth.

When meat mixture has cooked for 5 minutes add your chili oil, the puréed tofu, sesame oil and sugar.

Season with salt if needed. At this point your mapo chili is ready. This can be made ahead and just reheated the day of.

Heat up your mapo chili while the hot dogs are grilling.

Place the hot dog in a bun, then add desired amount of chili on top. Garnish with scallions and crispy shallots.

Campfire or Air Fryer Cooked Banana Split

Cohen, the self-proclaimed air fryer queen, said this concentrates the flavor of the banana once it’s nice and cooked, “when it comes out you could make it a la mode and add ice cream.”

PHOTO: Campfire banana boats with various sweet toppings.


1 banana

2 tablespoons milk chocolate (melted) OR chocolate, caramel, strawberry or peanut butter syrup (like the kind you’d get for a sundae)


Sliced strawberries, mini marshmallows, chopped nuts, granola, crumbled graham crackers (really anything you’d like!)

Vanilla/chocolate/strawberry ice cream


Whipped cream


With its peel still on, cut the banana down the middle (the curved side, so that you can have support from the banana shape to add your toppings). Make sure not to cut the banana peel fully, just enough to open the banana slightly exposing the fruit so that you can begin adding your toppings.

Once toppings are added, wrap the banana in aluminum foil and cook on the campfire (oven also works here as well) for approximately 8 minutes allowing for your toppings to melt/warm and just enough for the banana to start to get soft but not mushy.

Add a scoop (or two if you’re feeling extra indulgent) of your favorite ice cream and top with sprinkles and whipped cream to complete your campfire sundae.

Tip: You can also put in an air fryer for up to 8 minutes at 375 degrees to allow banana to be soft but not mushy.

Classic or Candied Bacon S’mores

PHOTO: Chef Leah Cohen's bacon grilled smores.

Graham crackers
Plain milk chocolate bars (or any chocolate of your choosing)
Large marshmallows

Take one large graham cracker, broken in half, and place your favorite chocolate onto one graham cracker square.
Put a marshmallow (or two) on the stick and hold it over the fire until roasted and slightly golden brown. Once toasted to your liking, place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and add the plain graham cracker atop the marshmallow squishing all the ingredients together.
Tip: Add candied bacon for a non-traditional recipe. Adds a sweet and savory taste.

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