Makeup technique that distracts attention from forehead wrinkles

Eyebrow trends have changed dramatically over the last 100 years, with women originally favouring thin, high-arched eyebrows, compared to today’s more natural, and fuller brows. For anyone worried about fine lines and wrinkles taking centre stage, should consider filling and shaping their eyebrows in a certain way as this will apparently “steer attention away from” signs of ageing. 

Professional makeup artist Nevena Tomic shared her top tips for achieving the perfect, natural-looking eyebrows and it starts with choosing a gel with fibres.  

Brow gels are great for women who don’t want to commit to waking up with permanently manicured eyebrows. 

But to fluff up brows, using a gel that has mini fibres is key. 

Nevena explained: “By adding volume, this will help attract attention away from any crow’s feet or wrinkles in the forehead/eye area. 

“There are so many techniques out there that help achieve a clean, arched, full brow. 

“From outlining the brow to drawing on thin hairs with a skinny brow pencil, applying a brow gel to combing your brows up for a more elongated look.” 

Her “go-to technique” is using a brow gel with mini fibres because the fibres attach to your own eyebrow hair and create a fuller brow. 

If possible, choose a water-resistant gel as the thickness will make brows look denser and fuller. 

Before applying any product, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the eyebrows with a cleanser to get rid of any dirt and oil on the brow bone. 

Next, apply a toner as this will remove dead skin cells and prep the area for “optimal application”. 

The third step is to use a brow come to shape the brows and ideally you want to comb the “hairs in an upward direction”. 

Nevena advises “paying attention to the type of arch you want to achieve”. 

The fourth step is to “apply the tinted brow gel with mini fibres with soft strokes for an even application”. 

To finish off the brow, apply an illuminated powder under the brow arch to make the brow pop. 

The expert told She Finds: “Additionally, the shine will keep your eyes focused on the glow and not draw more attention to the fine lines.” 

Anyone who has overplucked their eyebrows, there are a few ways to resurrect them. 

Start with a serum and fill in the gaps to encourage hair growth, but remember to apply it consistently and according to manufacturer’s guidelines for maximum results.

Once your brows have begun to grow, it can be good to keep the length in check by giving them a trim every once in a while to maintain the shape that’s been created. 

Cleansing your face and brows daily is one of the best ways to ensure healthy growth.

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