Makeup blogger removes prosthetic nose in bizarre video

‘She took her nose off!’ Beauty blogger’s prosthetic feature stuns fans during a tutorial on removing make-up – as she reveals a TOTALLY different look underneath

  • Malaysia-based MUA and vlogger Aqirazla has filmed a bizarre new video 
  • In the clip she removed all her makeup, which included a prosthetic nose 
  • It has gone viral on Twitter with one user saying makeup has gotten ‘out of hand’ 

With the rise of contouring and widespread use of photo-editing software, it’s easier than ever to completely transform your look beyond recognition.

But one makeup artist has taken things a step further – by wearing a fake nose on top of her perfectly ordinary one.

Malaysian based MUA and vlogger Aqirazlah, who has more than 51,000 followers on Intsagram, filmed herself taking off her makeup and shocked fans when she started off by removing the prosthetic nose.

The video was shared in disbelief by Twitter user @Neetasweet, who said it was proof that makeup had ‘gotten out of hand’ – and it’s since been liked 43,000 times. 

Malaysian based MUA and vlogger Aqirazlah filmed herself taking off her makeup, which involved removing her prosthetic nose (pictured)

In the video, Aqirazlah, who also sells her own range of hijabs, started off by removing her false eyelashes. 

But then the video took a turn for the bizarre when she picked up what appeared to be an eyeliner pencil and began poking at her nose.

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Suddenly the nose started moving to one side, revealing it to be a prosthetic with her real nose underneath.

The video continued in a bizarre fashion as Aqirazlah then pulled off some tape from her cheeks that appeared to be there to give them more definition.

The blogger looked completely different without makeup (left) and had a full face of cosmetic on before she filmed the video (right)

She also removed what appeared to be jaw tape (pictured), which gave her more definition around the chin and jaw

Aqirazlah (pictured) is a popular YouTuber and Instagram user, with 51,800 followers on the latter platform

She then removed her contacted lenses that revealed her eyes are actually brown and not green.

After that she used micellar water to rub the remaining foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil off her face.

Once the transformation was complete she looked completely different from how she did at the start of the video.

The video was shared in disbelief by Twitter user @Neetasweet (pictured), who said it was proof that makeup had ‘gotten out of hand’

Followers who saw the video questioned why Aqirazlah felt the need to make such drastic changes to her face, saying she looks naturally pretty just as she is 

@Neetasweet’s tweet about the video has now gone viral, with other people questioning the MUA’s techniques.

One tweeted: ‘Her natural nose is so nice though, she’s so pretty she really doesn’t need the jaw tape or the extra nose extension.’

‘She actually look better without all the tricks,’ another posted. 

A third wrote: ‘Worst thing about all this is that she’s actually a pretty girl. Didn’t all this extra stuff at all.’ 

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