Luke Perry’s Final ‘Riverdale’ Scene Revealed 7 Weeks After His Death & Fans Are Weeping

Luke Perry comforted his on-screen son in his final scene on ‘Riverdale’, which aired just a little more than seven weeks after his tragic death at the age of 52.

There are still three more episodes of Riverdale left this season, but the April 24 episode was a special one for fans of Luke Perry, as it featured the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum’s final scene, shot before his tragic death in early March. The beloved actor passed away on March 4 after suffering an ischemic stroke, and then a second stroke, at the age of 52. It’s not yet clear how Luke’s character — Fred Andrews — will be written out of the show, but this week’s episode definitely marked his final appearance on the series.

The episode, titled “Fear The Reaper”, featured just two scenes with Luke. The first was at the hospital, when Fred, Archie and a number of others were told that the fighter, who Archie boxed in last week’s episode, had died. And Luke’s second scene showed Fred at home with Archie, where Fred was seen telling Archie that the boxer’s death wasn’t his fault. It was a touching scene and emotional for many reasons. Fans even took to Twitter after watching the scene to mourn the late actor.

?Beautiful job….then again in my eyes he nailed every character he ever portrayed. Not sure where the flash of light came from toward the end of the video I tried to hold the phone as still as I could. #LongLiveLuke #RIPLukePerry #FredAndrews #Riverdale #DylanMcKay #ArchieAndrews #KJApa #BeverlyHills90210 #BH90210 #90210 ?

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“And with that short, but sweet scene, #LukePerry’s screen time on #Riverdale is heartbreakingly over…,” one Twitter user wrote, while another said, “Thank you Luke Perry for giving us 3 seasons of Fred Andrews, an amazing, hardworking and loving father who always puts his son first. I will miss seeing your beautiful smile light up the dark town that is Riverdale. Rest in love ❤️#riverdale.”

To watch Luke Perry’s final moment on Riverdale, take a look at the video above.

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