Lorraine Kelly net worth: TV star’s fortune revealed following successful presenting career

Lorraine Kelly, OBE, is a known face on television, having presented her daytime TV show, Lorraine, for 10 years and worked in broadcast journalism for just over 35.

The star, who is mum to 25 year old daughter Rosie, has amassed quite the fortune as a result and owns two properties, a stylish London flat and a stunning Buckinghamshire home, in which she is currently isolating.

Lorraine, who celebrated her 60th birthday towards the end of 2019, has been married to TV cameraman Steve Smith since 1992 and as well as sharing their daughter together, they are also parents to an adorable Border terrier named Angus.

Here’s a look at how much the popular presenter is worth…

Lorraine’s career

Lorraine began her successful career at a young age, and got her first gig in front of a camera whilst in her early 20s.

The mum-of-one, born in Glasgow, began working at a newspaper and later went on to become an on-screen reporter, making her TV debut in 1984.

Lorraine worked as a Scotland Correspondent for TV-am, and then landed the presenter role on Good Morning Britain alongside Mike Morris some six years later.

As well as this, she’s fronted a number of shows including Top of the Morning, Lorraine Live and Nine O’Clock Live.

However, perhaps the most noteworthy part of her career was getting her own show, LK Today, which, in 2010, became Lorraine.

Celebrity Net Worth puts the star’s fortune at around £4.7 million, this being a result of her lengthy span on television.

Lorraine made headlines last year after a judge ruled that she was a “self-employed star” as opposed to an employee of TV.

She moved to her gorgeous Buckinghamshire abode, which she recently gave fans a peek inside of, in 2017 and the seven-bedroom Dundee home she moved from was valued at £825,000.

Lorraine's tax battle

The interest surrounding Lorraine’s net worth became a topic of interest after she won a £1.2 million tax case against HRMC.

The 60 year old became embroiled in a spat with tax authorities in 2019, as they tried to make her hand over almost £900,000 in income tax and over £300,000 in national insurance because she was an “employee”.

In the battle, Lorraine described herself as a "theatrical artist", and argued that "she acted every day as a version of herself".

Judge Jennifer Dean sided with the presenter, and she overturned the tax bill.

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