Lili Reinhart Is Releasing a Poetry Book, so Go Ahead and Look for the Cole Sprouse References

When she's not making people question her relationship with Riverdale costar Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart has been penning verse and is finally ready to share it with the world. While she's been posting bits and pieces of poetry on tumblr for years, she's making it official and releasing a book of her poems, Swimming Lessons, which is set to hit shelves next year.

According to The Cut, the poems will explore topics such as love, depression, fame, and anxiety. An official press release describes the book as "bite-sized yet profound" and adds that it will include illustrations alongside the poems. Pre-orders are already available at Amazon, where Reinhart's already managed to snag the No. 1 spot in new releases for the American Poetry category. 

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Reinhart has already been sharing her work online, including on Instagram, where she wrote a piece to celebrate Sprouse's birthday.

"I tried to find a poem / that I could send to you. / Because my words were failing me. / But I searched and found nothing that did you justice. / All of these love poems can't get it right. / No one else's words could ever fit. / They haven't known the fortune it is to love you."

The Cut adds that after her costar Luke Perry passed away, Reinhart posted a poem to her Instagram Stories. Her tumblr page is a repository for her words, though fans looking between the stanzas should heed her warning. 

Reinhart said that her writing (including the pieces published in Swimming Lessons) isn't necessarily a reflection of the current state of her relationship. In a disclaimer that she posted in 2018, she explained that her online posts are just excerpts and haven't been posted in any particular order.

"Just a friendly note: The poetry I've posted and will continue to post may not be an accurate reflection of what’s going on currently in my life. So please don't try to read too much into my writings. I like to use tumblr as a platform for excerpts I have written throughout the past few years and I don’t post them in order of when they were written."

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