La La Anthony Talks Insecurities And Making Sure Her Son ‘Knows It’s Important To Uplift Black Women’

Today, actress and television host La La Anthony graced the cover of HelloBeautiful in celebration of her Inala brand receiving the “Newbie” Award at the publication’s annual Melanin Awards. By adding “entrepreneur” to her ever growing list of accomplishments, the New York native is becoming a renaissance woman to an extent, but still hasn’t lost sight of the important things in life; such as family, friendships, and being the best mother possible.

During her discussion, Anthony spoke about the creation of her burgeoning beauty company, raising her 15 year old son, Kiyan, and continuing to show gratitude for all of her blessings regardless of how she may feel during difficult moments.

“I think as women, we all have insecurities that aren’t necessarily connected to a breakup, divorce, or a man,” the Power star said to HB. “We’re women and we have insecurities sometimes — whether it’s from social media or the pressures that we put on ourselves. I am human, I have days where I feel insecure, but I just remind myself this is just a moment, this is not indicative of who I am.”

“I remind myself of all the positive things about myself or in my life and that’s where the affirmations or prayer or whatever someone does to make themselves feel good about themselves or worthy about themselves,” she continued. “To say I’m a hundred percent confident all the time and I don’t ever feel that, would not be me being, being honest.”

As far as motherhood goes, Anthony has made it a point to show her teenage son how to treat a woman, and to love, value, and respect the presence of Black women, specifically. The beauty of blackness comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes; so as a Black man, he must learn to value his future partner.

“I definitely make sure that [Kiyan] understands there’s not one kind of [beauty], there’s not one definition,” Anthony stated. “I always show him beautiful Black women — all different types from all over the world. From all skin tones and all hair textures. I randomly send him a picture of beautiful women I come across.”

“I also make sure that he knows it’s important to uplift women and give compliments,” she added. “I’ll come home and I’ll be like, ‘Hey, you didn’t say anything about my outfit today or my hair.’ It’s not about me. It’s because I want him to understand how important that is for women. So when he gets into relationships or when he has female friends, he knows it’s important to compliment and make them feel beautiful.”

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