Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez Watched ‘Second Act’ Together Like The Two Queens They Are

Dreams do come true — even for really famous reality stars. Jennifer Lopez attended Kim Kardashian’s movie night on Tuesday, and, yes, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star couldn’t contain her excitement. On her Instagram Story, Kim shared videos with the one and only J. Lo. Even though they’ve been friends for awhile now, it still amazes Kim that Lopez is a part of her life — and is willing to come over to watch Second Act at her home.

"I’m having a movie night tonight at my house and let me just say something," Kim said in one of her videos. "Never in my life would I have imagined that my idol would want to come have a movie night with me."

That’s right, the Second Act star came over to Kim’s house to watch her brand new movie that also stars Lopez’s real-life BFF, Leah Remini, and This Is Us‘ Milo Ventimiglia. The evening was a legit dream come true for Kim.

"My inspiration for everything has always been Jennifer Lopez," the KKW Beauty creator also declared in her story. "I would try and see what shoes she’d wear, what makeup, what hair — I became obsessed with glam because of Jennifer."

She continued, with Lopez laughing in the background, ,"If you would’ve said to me 10 years ago, ‘Jennifer Lopez is coming over to your house to watch a movie and to have dinner’…like I never would’ve imagined that this would’ve been my life." As she said, "Dreams do come true, guys!”

Kim didn’t just enjoy the night solely with Lopez, but her family was also in attendance. Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris Jenner all joined in on the fun.

Like Kim, Kris is also a huge fan of the World of Dance judge. Really, who isn’t? In a video posted on Instagram with Lopez, Kris gushed about the multifaceted talent.

"I am in love with Jennifer Lopez and a huge fan and I get to watch movies that she’s made, like Maid in Manhattan, once a week when I’m on the treadmill," she said. "And tonight it’s a special treat because I get to watch her new movie, Second Act — with her!"

Khloé also had a great night and enjoyed the movie so much. She said in her Instagram Story, "There’s nothing like a J. Lo movie. So good. Leah Remini is amazing. I just love it. I love seeing those two besties in a movie together."

As you can tell below, Kourtney was also overjoyed to be in Lopez’s presence and to be able to watch Second Act with her in the same room.

Here are a few other videos and photos from what sounds like an incredible night:

Sia & J. Lo Forever

Oh, yeah, Sia also came over to Kim’s house. First, she wrote Lopez’s song "Limitless" for Second Act. Secondly, Dec. 18 was Sia’s birthday, so movie night was also a birthday celebration for the musician.

What Happens When J. Lo Is At Your House

Kris couldn’t help but jump into Kim’s video and who can blame her?

Videobomb Courtesy Of Kim K.

This is exactly what you do when both Sia and Lopez are in your house.

How Kim Watched The Movie

So it looks like massages were also available for anyone during the movie, which Kim gladly took advantage of. Now, she probably didn’t watch all of Second Act like this, but, like Khloé said in her story, Kim was simply "multitasking."

A movie night with friends is always fun, but when it involves J. Lo and her brand new movie? Yeah, that’s even better. No wonder Kim considers it a dream come true.

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