Kate ‘often jokes’ about Prince Louis – but not George or Charlotte

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Kate, Princess of Wales, 41, has made a recurring joke about her youngest child in the past, Prince Louis, four. Members of the Royal Family are often subjected to people pointing out how similar they look to their historical ancestors.

Whether it is how scarily alike Princess Beatrice and Queen Victoria look or just how much King Charles looks like his paternal grandmother, there are certainly a huge number of royal dopplegängers.

But it would seem it is not only royals of the past that have passed down their looks, but living relatives.

There is one little royal today who has inherited some rather stunning genes from his mother’s side of the family.

While Prince George and Princess Charlotte are often compared to their father Prince William, it seems that Prince Louis is more similar to his mother.

A friend of the Princess of Wales previously said: “Everyone always comments on how Louis is the spitting image of Kate.

“She loves it and thinks it’s very sweet — she often jokes that he’s the only one of her kids who actually looks like her!” they told PEOPLE.

Prince Louis Arthur Charles was born on April 23, 2018, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington and is the youngest child of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

While his elder siblings have had their looks compared to everyone from Prince William to the late Queen, Prince Louis seems to have taken after some of his other relatives altogether.

Following the release of the Wales’ Christmas card that was taken in Jordan in 2021, fans pointed out that the little royal seems to share his genes with the Middleton family.

Those on social media pointed out that Prince Louis looked very similar to his mother and to his grandfather, Michael Middleton.

They also added that he appears to be the spitting image of his uncle, James Middleton.

Prince Louis’ likeness to his grandfather is something that royal fans love to point out online.

Following the release of a picture of Prince Louis, one social media user penned: “I think he resembles Kate’s father! He’s definitely a Middleton!”

Another simply added: “He looks like Michael Middleton!” A third agreed, saying: “I believe as much as George and Charlotte resemble William and Queen Elizabeth, Louis is the twin to Catherine’s dad. All three are adorable!”

While Prince Louis is certainly more like his mother, his two elder siblings have inherited their looks from the Windsor and Spencer sides of their family.

Several social media users have previously pointed out how much Princess Charlotte looks like her father, with Prince William himself even being left confused.

During a visit to Bradford in 2020, the Prince and Princess of Wales examined a cake which was designed by Siami Ali, when Prince William noticed something “incredible”.

William pointed to a cute photo of himself dressed in a red jumpsuit from 1992 and was stunned at his resemblance to Princess Charlotte.

The likeness is so strong that it even had William doing a double take, he quipped to Kate: “Is that me? Doesn’t it look like Charlotte?”

Kate came for a closer look and agreed saying: “It looks so much like Charlotte.” William then repeated his previous statement, adding: “Is that me? That looks just like Charlotte. That’s incredible, I haven’t seen that before. Very alike in similarity.”

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