Kara And Lena Win Zimbio's 2019 TV Couples March Madness Challenge

These super hotties are soaring to new heights!

A record breaking 7.2 million votes were cast in Zimbio’s 2019 TV Couples March Madness Challenge. After making it to the Championship Round last year, Kara and Lena from Supergirl came back stronger than ever. This year, #Supercorp had a major breakthrough as they held on for the lead in the final round (a total of 50.29%) and went on to snag that coveted crown.

Undoubtedly, the heart of Supergirl is its female characters and their unshakeable bonds. Two of these glorious women also happen to be BFFs and total badasses in their own right. Yes, we are talking about the mighty alien superhero with gorgeous hair and the CEO with a heart of gold who gives withering stares. This donut-eating, lip-biting, staring-longingly-from-afar TV twosome means so much to their amazing fans. They quickly established themselves as a fan-favorite pairing when they first entered our competition two years ago, and they more than solidified their mark in this year’s competition. 

So, what makes #Supercorp so damn special? Well, they have the most complex and well-developed relationship on Supergirl. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, Kara and Lena found common ground. Over time, they went from being being cordial acquaintances until finally becoming BFFs and allies. Although Kara and Lena are not canon, #Supercorp shippers will continue to stand by and uplift their OTP with the utmost respect, love, and loyalty.

Regardless of how their stories unfold on Supergirl, Kara and Lena hold a special place in the hearts of #Supercorp shippers. The absence of LGBTQ+ characters on the small screen gave birth to this empowering fandom that believes in holding onto hope and the undying power of inclusion. Just like Kara and Lena’s bond became stronger with time, #Supercorp shippers united during Zimbio March Madness for the past three years until victory was finally theirs. Without a doubt, these amazing shippers represent the strength, friendship, and joy that comes with being in a fandom. Although their ride-or-die couple isn’t cannon, they believe that someday Kara and Lena might be.

After a long, hard-fought battle, today we celebrate two complicated and richly-developed characters in all their glory. Here’s to Kara and Lena, and the tremendous fandom that earned this win. We look forward to a future full of aching sighs, quantum entanglement, and countless rooms filled with flowers.

We also want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s challenge. You represented your OTP with fervor and showed that you are stronger together. We look forward to bringing you another epic celebration next year. Until next time!

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