Kanye West Donates 4,000 Gifts To Kids In Chicago

Kanye West is truly embracing the true spirit of the holiday season, by stepping up to the plate in a very Santa-like manner. The rapper and music mogul has amassed an incredible $1.8 billion fortune over the course of his wildly successful career, but in spite of all his wealth and success, he hasn’t forgotten his roots, or lost sight of the fact that he’s blessed to be in the position that he’s in. He has generously taken the time to purchase gifts for the less fortunate, and has given out 4,000 Christmas gifts in the very community that he called home as a child, making Christmas wishes come true.

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Now that Kanye West is also a father of four, the idea of bringing joy to the lives of children during the magical time of Christmas, is a high priority item for the 44 year old star.

Chicago politician Stephanie Coleman indicated that she had put out a small request for Kanye to help support the children of the Englewood community, as well as those from surrounding regions, and once again the way he has done so many times before, Kanye West personally swooped in to make many wishes come true.

Coleman is quoted as saying; “He is no stranger to our community. His presence has always been felt in our neighborhoods and he loves visiting, but this Christmas he has truly been our modern-day Santa Claus.”


Families were thrilled to see Kanye West standing in the gymnasium at Kennedy King College in Englewood this past weekend, and were delighted when they found out that not  only were they in the presence of such an incredibly talented musician, but they were also about to become recipients of his generosity.

Kanye West spent the afternoon distributing roughly 4,000 presents to children, including a variety of different toys and games for all ages. He put smiles on the faces of so many children that would otherwise never have experienced a Christmas this bright and full of joy.

Family members that attended with their children also received food, were engaged in playing games, and were given prizes.

West is in the middle of many life changes, and is transitioning through a divorce from his former wife, Kim Kardashian. He has just embarked on a huge benefit concert to free Larry Hoover, and continues to throw himself into the production of new music. It would have been easy for him to donate gifts or money without making an appearance at this Chicago-based donation event, but instead, he truly warmed the hearts of the lucky gift recipients by personally attending, and showing the true spirit of Christmas.

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