Justin Bieber Seeks Depression Treatment: Survey Finds 44% of Couples Report at Least 1 Partner Has a Mental Health Issue

When news broke that Justin
Bieber was being treated for depression, some fans were surprised. You
might think people in relationships are automatically happier and don’t
struggle with depression, but that’s not true. A recent eHarmony study found
almost half of couples in their study reported some type of mental health
issue. Being in a relationship doesn’t stop depression. In some situations, a
relationship can be the catalyst for a depressive episode if the union is not
going well or is abusive.

Grant Langston, CEO of eHarmony, told The Cheat Sheet that
mental health issues are not uncommon among couples. A recent eHarmony survey
titled The Happiness Index: Love and
Relationships in America 2019
found couples are not immune to mental
health problems.“Our findings
indicate that 44% of couples report having some sort of mental health issues,
from anxiety and depression to other more serious conditions,” said Langston.  

Dealing with mental health issues in a relationship

Although mental health issues can impact a relationship,
Langston said the survey showed couples who make an effort to talk to each
other about their mental health fared well. “What we found in terms of how this
relates to relationships, is that if they are willing to communicate frequently
about how they’re feeling, then the relationship has a positive impact on that
person’s well-being. There’s a wonderful lesson here that we can all have a
better experience in life if we are open to speaking about difficult topics and
willing to listen,” Langston told The Cheat Sheet.

Seeking help from a couples counselor can improve your relationship

Seeing a couples therapist also helps relationships thrive.
The eHarmony survey revealed those who met with a counselor had the best outcomes
when it came to overall relationship health. Here’s what Langston had to say:

Last year, we found that millennial men were some of the happiest groups of people in our study, and it was because, in part, they were willing to go to therapy and talk about the issues in their relationships. This year, we decided to take that study one step further and dive deeper into what people are communicating about. For example, we discovered that those who are willing to open up and let their partners know what’s going on with them internally, whether it’s anxiety or depression, end up being happier in their relationships.

Justin Bieber isn’t the only celebrity struggling with mental health problems

Many celebrities have reportedly experienced mental health
issues. Selena Gomez, Jada Pinkett Smith, and R.
Kelly’s ex-wife, Andrea Kelly, are just a few examples. Unfortunately, some
celebrities, such as Kate Spade, Robin Williams, and Anthony Bourdain, became
so overwhelmed by their struggles that they committed suicide.

Selena Gomez went for mental health treatment last year

Like Bieber, his former girlfriend, Selena
Gomez, sought mental health treatment in December 2018. A source told People
the singer had been having a tough time a few weeks before her hospitalization due
to her battle with lupus. “She has had a tough few weeks and the panic attack
in the hospital was the tipping point,” the source told People. “She realized she needed to seek additional help for her
ongoing emotional issues. She’s surrounded by close family and has a lot of
support. She’s doing better now and is seeking treatment on the East Coast.”

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