Just Jane: My man knocked up lover THREE streets away

I try and put on a tough front, but collapse and cry my eyes out any time his back is turned.

This is all so humiliating for me.

Everyone around here knows our business and I’ve been made to look a laughing stock.

I feel completely rejected and idiotic.

People know that I’m desperate for a child of my own, but he’s always insisted that having dogs (we’ve got three Staffies) is more important.

Yet he’s now fathered a baby with another woman and I can see the looks of pity on the faces of our neighbours.

My sisters scream that I should simply chuck him out, but then where would I be?

I couldn’t afford this rent on my own.

Besides, I’m the wrong side of 25 and the thought of starting out again is terrifying.

My next door neighbour tells me he must have made her pregnant when I was in hospital having my broken leg treated.

Apparently she was in and out of our house like a thief in the night.

How dare he do this to me?

What hurts so much is that he steadfastly refuses to talk to me in order to explain himself, yet is still taking money out of our joint account, presumably to sub her.

So, in essence I’m going to work in order to pay for another woman’s child.

Have you ever heard anything crazier?

JANE SAYS: The fact you’re still living with this man is crazier still.

You have to put an end to this farce before you snap.

Either he has to go – and you get in a paying lodger – or you must leave him.

I’m afraid that hanging around isn’t doing you any good.

Those three dogs need to be taken into consideration too.

Turn to your sisters for support.

What is your plan of action, because doing nothing is no longer an option.

What you can’t do is allow him to sap you of your confidence and blight your future.

I understand that you fell let down and crave answers, but your best form of emotional revenge involves brushing yourself off and rising again.

If he’s chosen to have a baby with another woman, then he needs to start being more responsible in terms of money and physical commitment.

Why is he still with you if he’s created a family with her?

Does he honestly think you’ll indulge him because he isn’t interested in putting in the hard work? Forget it.

You may consider yourself over the hill, but I certainly don’t.

Yes, being single again will be scary, but you owe it to yourself to claw back your dignity and start afresh.

If your cheating partner honestly thought that sneaking another woman into your bed while you were in hospital was a good idea, then you are clearly poles apart.

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