Julianne Moore’s Journey To Stardom And How She Earns Her Millions

Born as Julianne Ann Smith in North Carolina, Julianne Moore adapted her name stage name after she graduated from Boston University in acting. The last name came from her father’s middle as the actress had to change her name since hers was already registered at the Actors’ Equity Association. After working in several television programs and plays, Moore slowly rose to stardom, starting from supporting roles in independent and blockbuster movies. Known to play emotionally troubled women, the actress has earned several accolades for her roles. She delved into comedies and lighter movies in the early 2000s and performed in horror and fantasy movies. Along with her acting career, Julianne Moore is a talented author, having written several children’s books that were bestsellers.

From her small screen beginnings in soap operas to becoming the leading lady in Hollywood films, Julianne Moore’s success story is awe-inspiring. Let’s take a look at Julianne Moore’s journey to stardom.

Winning On The Small Screen

It is exciting to know what makes celebrities pursue careers as actors. For Julianne Moore, it was her mother. A psychiatric nurse, her mother was always interested in people and tried to know more about them. Moore claimed that it was one of the things she liked about acting, trying to figure out the characters. According to The List, she got inspired to act after watching Robert Altman’s Three Women in 1977.

The actress began working on soap operas and landed a three-year arc in 1985 on As The World Turns. She won a Daytime Emmy for her stunning performance as a psychologist and her half-sister. She continued working on television soaps and theatre until Robert Altman spotted her acting in the play Uncle Vanya. Her big break came when the director offered her the role of Marianne in Short Cuts in 1993. Julianne Moore’s career picked up, and she was high in demand.

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The Best Of Blockbusters

Julianne spent most of her 90s making back-to-back big-budget and Independent movies such as Safe, The Fugitive, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and The Myth Of Her Fingerprints, as noted by Britannica. She met her husband, director Bart Freundlich on the set of The Myth Of Her Fingerprints in 1997. The couple has been together ever since. Her stunning performance was eclipsed by her complex portrayal of a pornographic actress in Boogie Nights the same year. It earned Moore her first Academy Award nomination.

While the actress rules the 90s with her critically acclaimed performances while juggling her young son born in 1997, she took a step back from acting after her daughter Liv was born in 2002. She dedicated herself to motherhood and only accepted movies if they were based in New York or shot during summers for children’s sake. Even so, she gave outstanding performances in Far From Heaven and The Hours, which earned her Oscar Nominations for best lead and best-supporting actress, respectively, in 2002.

After 2006, Moore took more subdued roles starring in Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man in 2009, and an unhappy wife in 2011’s romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love starring Steve Carell, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling. Her television performance in the 2012 HBO Film Game Change earned her an Emmy Win. Followed by her performances in horror classic Carrie in 2013 and The Hunger Games’ second and third installment came the performance of a lifetime for Julianne Moore.

As mentioned by Indie Wire, Still Alice was nowhere in the race to become an Oscar-nominated movie in 2014. Still, when it premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, people were enamored by the devastating performance portrayed by Julianne Moore in the movie as a linguistics professor who tests positive for Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 40. Moore won the Golden Globe Award, BAFTA, SAG Award, and an Academy Award for her portrayal.

Going Beyond The Big Screen

Julianne Moore is an avid reader. She loved reading growing up in a nuclear family of five. She is also a gifted writer. Moore forayed into the world of Children’s Books when she first published Frecklace Strawberry in 2007. She wrote from her experience of being bullied as a child due to her freckles and red hair. She wrote several sequels, and the first volume was adapted into a stage musical. In 2013, she wrote another book titled My Mom Is A Foreigner, But Not To Me, which was inspired by her Scottish mother, as noted by Elle. The book detailed the experience of kids having parents from a different country.

Moore has also been a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris since 2012. She has continued advertising their products, mainly their cosmetics and skincare line. She has amassed a $55 million net worth from her earnings as an actress, author, and brand ambassador over the years.

Julianne Moore climbed the ladder to success as an outstanding Hollywood actress by making a memorable presence on the small screen. Her impactful performances have inspired a whole generation of actors to keep a balance between work and family and continue achieving new heights in their careers.

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