Jewellery shop worker shames cheater who bought rings for girlfriend & mistress

A jewellery shop worker exposed a customer for cheating on their partner.

On TikTok, the woman claimed she was working in Pandora when a man bought a ring for his girlfriend and mistress.

While she no longer works at the shop, the retail assistant wanted to share words of warning for the clueless girlfriend.

According to the Mirror, she said: “If your boyfriend’s name is Jake and he lives in Montreal… he just bought two rings for 'his girl and his sidepiece.'

“Here are the two rings. You deserve better.”

The video, which was captioned “gotta support my girls”, has been liked more than 400,000 times.

TikTok users believe the jewellery shop worker was right to shame the man for cheating.

One said: "I really hope you don't get in trouble for this cause he needs to be EXPOSED."

Another commented: "This girl is doing God's work."

And other cashiers came forward with similar experiences.

A commenter replied: "I work in a bank and someone came in with his wife and I was looking at his statement and Bumble and Tinder Plus was on there. I wanted to tell her."

So did the viral TikTok do its job? According to someone in the comments section, the girlfriend has been tracked down.

They wrote: "Thank you so much, I'll let her know.

“That's my best friend's boyfriend and she got the ring. You deserve the world for this, thank you."

The commenter didn't reveal whether or not the couple have stayed together.

But judging by the response, many want the woman to kick her cheating partner to the curb!

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