Jessie James Decker ‘Never Felt Sexier’ After Post-Baby Bikini Shoot: She Wanted To Inspire Moms

We don’t blame her! Jessie has been feeling herself since her ab-tastic photo shoot, a source told HL exclusively — but she was ‘really scared’ to reveal her post-baby bod. Here’s why she did it anyway!

If she didn’t post so many cute pictures of baby Forrest on social media, we would never believe that Jessie James Decker, 30, has a six-month-old at home — she looks too good! The mother of three recently revealed her perfect post-baby body in a series of bikini shots for the South Beach Diet and blew fans away with her toned tummy. But despite how great she looks, Jessie was nervous about the shoot. “Jessie has worked so hard to get in great shape, but is still working on losing some of her baby weight,” a source close to the country singer said. “She was really scared about showing off her body to the world for the bikini shoot, but she ultimately decided it was for the best because she wanted to encourage other women to be proud of their bodies after having children, too.” We so admire her confidence.

Jessie has been honest AF about her weight loss journey since she gave birth in April, even sharing a “swollen” belly pic on social media that same month. There’s no sugarcoating with this amazing momma, and she took that attitude to her bathing suit shoot. “Jessie wanted to empower other women and that really kept her motivated along the way to be able to get to the point where she felt confident enough for the South Beach Diet commercial shoot,” the insider added. But the big question is, how does she look so good so fast? She credits her fit frame to squats, heavy lifting and more protein in her diet.

“People who don’t have babies don’t understand how much our bodies change,” she admitted on Instagram. “But we are superheroes to grow a human and it makes me that more driven to work hard knowing what our bodies can do!” Amen!

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