Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wears 'Pro Roe' Shirt, Tells Anyone Who Doesn't Like His Opinions to 'Piss Off'

His statement comes after wife Hilarie Burton revealed she had an abortion following a pregnancy loss.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton opened up about their family’s experience with abortion this week, after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

After Burton shared on Tuesday she needed an abortion following a pregnancy loss while struggling with infertility before the birth of the couple’s second child, 4-year-old daughter George, Morgan took to Twitter on Thursday to show his support.

“I got OPINIONS. You don’t like em? Piss off,” wrote “The Walking Dead” star alongside a photo of him wearing a shirt reading, “PRO ROE 1973” (above).

“Go follow someone else. I’m in a block n delete kinda mood today. Before you clap back with some bulls— … read my wife’s last instagram post … and tell me I have no skin in the game,” he added.

Pink Tells Fans Who Support Supreme Court Decision to 'F–K RIGHT OFF'

“I had my own anguish, but it was still different. Much more INTENSE for Hil,” he wrote, responding to a follower. “Mentally and physically. I was useless at times. I couldn’t fix her pain. It almost broke us, it didn’t. Now w/this? I don’t know.”

He also responded to a fan who say they were “beyond sad” about the “hate you’re getting for speaking up on women’s rights.”

“Nothing to be sad about. I’m certainly not sad! Happy to weed out people,” he replied. “Problem is a massive lack of understanding or education. If people don’t care to understand ramifications? All we can do is TRY to change one mind. One. We all do that? Maybe we don’t fall into dark ages.”

And to the one person who said they didn’t like his opinion, Morgan simply hit back, “Blocked. Dummy.”

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Earlier this week, Burton shared a photo of the couple’s daughter to Instagram, saying that “losing multiple pregnancies before her was traumatic.”

“But female bodies are all different and unpredictable. Having an abortion after my fetus died allowed for my uterus to heal in a way that made it healthy enough to carry future pregnancies,” she wrote. “It doesn’t matter if you use the term D&C. The official word on the hospital paperwork is abortion. That’s what it was.”

“You know what would have made that painful day even worse? If abortion had been illegal, and law enforcement inspected my body to make sure I hadn’t caused my own miscarriage,” she continued. “Cause that’s what’s coming. It’s already happened. It was commonplace before #roevwade.”

“Your miscarriage will make you a murder suspect. I can’t say this clearly enough or shout it loud enough,” she continued, before saying the only reason she has her daughter now is “because of my abortion.”

“So f— you very much to the Supreme Court. And f— you to the ignorant right wing extremists who want my daughter to have fewer rights than what I was born with,” she concluded, along with the hashtag #wewillnotgoback.

In addition to daughter George, the two are also parents to son Augustus, 12.

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