Jamie Oliver is slammed by viewers for not factoring in energy costs

‘Costs a quid to put the oven on!’ Viewers of Jamie’s £1 Wonders slam TV chef for not including energy costs and question his portion sizes

  • Jamie Oliver, 47, cooked up roast chicken and pancakes on his £1 Wonders  
  • The TV chef however, was slammed by viewers for not including energy costs 
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Viewers have slammed Jamie Oliver’s £1 Wonders for not including energy costs in his pricing on the Channel 4 show, while questioning whether the portion sizes are enough for one person. 

The celebrity TV chef, who is worth an estimated £240million, opened his series saying he ‘wanted to give viewers as much inspiration and confidence to keep costs down and flavour up’.

On the show, he cooked up recipes including roast chicken and potatoes, pizzas and a spinach crepe extravaganza, claiming all could be made for less than £1 per portion.

In order to find the cost of each portion, Jamie claimed he worked out the average cost of each ingredient at the UK’s big four supermarkets – and divided this by the quantity used. 

However, while some people felt inspired by the show, others questioned how the meals could realistically be labelled as costing £1 when cooking costs are factored in.

Jamie Oliver, 47, (pictured) cooked up roast chicken, pizzas and pancakes among other meals on his £1 Wonders show on Channel 4 on Monday night 

The TV chef explained how he to make a delicious roast chicken dinner but was slammed by viewers for not considering the costs of energy in his £1 prices 

Many viewers claimed the recipes would ‘costs a fortune to cook’ with it costing ‘a quid to put the bloody oven on for an hour.’ 

One person said: ‘Nice effort and love @jamieoliver but so far #JamiesOnePoundWonders doesn’t include the energy costs, or the cost of my time, ’cause no, I’m not rolling individual chicken thighs.’

While a second said: ‘It might be £1 a portion, but you’ll have spent ten times that on cooking it all #JamiesOnePoundWonders.’ 

Another commented: ‘However, costs a fortune to cook.’

Another posted: ‘Jamie Oliver “£1 wonders” is ghastly.

‘What’s this pealing carrots, then baking them in the oven and microwaving spuds to save £ on the oven. I’ll audit this.’

Viewers of Jamie’s £1 Wonders took to Twitter to question how much it would cost to cook each recipe on the menu

Elsewhere, viewers of the Channel 4 cookery show questioned the sizes of portions saying you ‘need to 10 portions to feel full.’ 

Many noted that the popular TV chef, 47, already had some of the ingredients ‘rotting’ in the fridge. 

One person commented: ’97p a portion, while you’ve half a tin of tomatoes and half a pepper rotting in your fridge, using £6 of gas to cook it.’

Another exclaimed: ‘Its only 80p a portion…! But need to eat 10 portions to feel full.’

Elsewhere viewers questioned the portion sizes with one person revealing they could get more for less with a slice of bread 

A third accused the celebrity chef of ‘fudging the figures’ to make the cost per portion add up to less than £1. 

A fourth said: ‘Serves 8!! They’d get a sniff each, I can just see my son and husband’s face if I gave them 1/8 of that.’

And a fifth contributed: ‘When I was in student accomodation I’d get a slice of bread, tomato puree, cheese and microwave it. Probs cost less than 30p and was lush.’ 

However, not everyone complained and many viewers took to Twitter to express their excitement over Jamie’s £1 Wonders recipes on Monday, claiming that ‘he always adapts to the times.’

Many people were inspired by the chef’s ideas claiming that there wasn’t a dish they ‘wouldn’t make.’ 

Many people however were inspired by the chef’s ideas claiming that there wasn’t a dish they ‘wouldn’t make’

One viewer exclaimed: ‘#JamiesOnePoundWonders was really enjoyable & the food looked incredible! Cant wait to try that pan cooked pizza! Doubt I would want to share though got to hand it to @jamieoliver! He always adapts to the times!’

Another said: ‘Fab inspirational ideas!’

While a third observed: ‘Shall try the Pizza and Tortelli, looks easy.’

And a fourth gushed: ‘#JamiesOnePoundWonders is absolutely fantastic. So far, there hasn’t been a dish I wouldn’t make.’

Later in the show Jamie created a microwavable chilli con carne where he urged viewers to microwave the mince for 30 minutes and the rice for a further 10. 

This was met by confusion and concern for the state of his microwave, with many saying it ‘would have been cheaper on the hob.’

One viewer tweeted: ‘Jamie Oliver is now telling people to put mince in the microwave for 30 minutes to cook a chilii co carne… then rice for another 10 minutes. Running a microwave for 40 minutes takes longer and costs more than using the hob #JamiesOnePoundWonders.’

A second agreed: ’40 minutes in the microwave has probably cost a quid #JamiesOnePoundWonders’

A third said: ‘Thats the microwave on for 55 minutes then. These are as cheap as his 15min meals were quick.’ 

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