Jagermeister launches new cold brew coffee infusion

Love a Jägerbomb? Well, you can now add some extra caffeine to it as the brand has released the ‘Cold Brew Coffee’.

Jägermeister has released the new drink in partnership with Nottingham-based coffee company Degrees Coffee.

It’s made from 56 herbs and spices, with Arabica coffee and chocolate cacao. Yum.

It’s meant to be served as a shot – and we doubt it would go very well with Red Bull. But if you’re at home and you fancy something alcoholic, you could always add it into an iced coffee for an extra kick.

The new Cold Brew Coffee Jägermeister contains an alcohol volume of 33% and 10% caffeine.

It also marks the first permanent addition to the brand since it was founded more than 80 years ago.

The 50cl bottles will be available to buy in 300 Morrisons stores, as well as Greene King pubs and Beds and Bars outlets in London from 1 October.

Or, you can order a Cold Brew gift set from the Jägermeister website for £24.99.

Jack Carson, Mast-Jägermeister’s US director of innovation said: ‘Combining Jägermeister with coffee has been a fan favorite for years, so we wanted to perfect that experience for our consumers and create a product where those flavors were perfectly balanced.

‘Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee fits seamlessly into our portfolio, while speaking to our audience who want to live boldly and experience disruptive new things.’

UK Innovation Controller, Tim Hawley added: ‘We’ve been developing Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee for a number of years, working alongside expert baristas, roasters and barmen through many iterations to create a perfectly balanced fusion of original Jägermeister, the punch of roasted coffee and just a nod towards bitter chocolate.

‘We’re really excited to see it realised and launching.’

‘Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee is perfect for moments of celebration in or out of the home, offering an intricate coffee flavour profile complemented by the classic Jägermeister taste – served perfectly as an ice-cold shot.’

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