I've saved £3,000 by shopping for yellow sticker items

I’ve saved £3,000 by shopping for yellow sticker items – here are my top tips for picking up the best deals

  • Adam Attew, from Stratford, says he spends 70% less on food than most people
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A savvy shopper who claims he has saved £3,000 by scouring the yellow-sticker shelves in supermarkets has shared his best tips so others can get their weekly shop for less.

Adam Attew, from Stratford in east London, claims his keen eye for the bright yellow beacon which signals a food item has been reduced in price means he now pays around 70% less for his food shop.

The bargain buyer said he recalls practicing savvy shopping with his parents when he was a child, and has memories of being taken to ASDA in the evenings with his family.

 ‘As I got older and began working, I got into it in a much bigger way,’ he explained.

‘On the way back from work, I would pop into the supermarkets for a quick scan of any bargains and luck was mostly always on my side.’

Adam Attew, from Stratford in London, has been bargain shopping for as long as he can remember and claims to have saved around £3,000 buying yellow-sticker deals

The shopper added that being a lover of food helps because he can look at reduced items and come up with ways to make the ingredients work in new recipes.  

‘Yellow sticker shopping can be unpredictable and then this spurs ideas and dishes,’ he explained.

‘Getting cheap items seasonally means sometimes there is a lot around and means leftovers to use. I love the challenge.’

In terms of his best bargains, Adam has bagged himself some incredible deals over the years, including a whole chicken for 46p and lamb joints from Waitrose for £5.27 and £1.49.

Adam claims he spends around 70% less on his food shop than the average person because he scours the supermarkets for the best deals

The bargain shopper has picked up good deals from all popular British supermarkets, from M&S (pictured) to Asda

He added: ‘I also got a gammon joint from M&S, which was £35, and I bought it for £6.49 after Christmas!’

Adam, who is currently unemployed, has shared his best tips and methods for bargaining deals to help others who might be suffering during the cost of living crisis as inflation sees prices balloon.


Adam has revealed his top tips for buying your food shop for less, with his favourite piece of advice being to buy yellow-sticker items

The bargain shopper claims he has picked up meat, tinned items and fresh fruit and vegetables for a fraction of their full price

Adam’s top tip for saving money on the food shop is to scour the yellow-sticker aisles.

However, he advised people to look in other areas of the supermarket as well, as the reduced goodies can sometimes be hiding among full-priced items.

‘When items are discontinued or seasonal, they are reduced to clear from tinned meat to old stock,’ he said.

‘And also the freezer section can find some bargains. You need to look out when doing your normal shopping.’

‘There is also always a shelf somewhere with dry goods that are cosmetically damaged or missing items, make sure to check them out as you can sometimes bag a bargain just because of the look or dent.’


Adam advised shoppers to check regular aisles as well as reduced areas for bargains, as yellow stickers can sometimes be hiding among full-priced items

Adam also revealed the best time to go to the supermarket to pick up yellow-sticker deals, claiming more reduced items are listed in the evening

Adam usually does his food shopping in the late afternoon or evening, claiming this is when most supermarkets discount items.

He said: ‘I usually go between 5 pm to 8 pm. M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s usually reduce up to 50%.

‘And after 7 pm is great in M&S.’


Adam recommended using apps like Too Good to Go which puts together boxes and bags full of items from supermarkets that are sold at cheap prices

Adam said his love of yellow-sticker shopping has helped him become more creative with his cooking as he picks up random ingredients

Adam has found a few apps over the years that help him when it comes to saving money and stopping food waste, and recommended Too Good to Go in particular.

‘I’ve picked up magic bags from my local Greggs, Starbucks, YO! Sushi, and Morrisons,’ he said.

‘I usually get them after work, so from about 7 to 9 pm, and I try to get one or two a week. These can be a great way to get more for your money.

‘Purchase on the app and turn up at the collection time to get a mystery bag.’

He revealed he uses the bags to provide his lunches and dinners, as well as sweet treats from time to time. 

‘I once got a box from Morrisons which was full of veg and fruit, and I only paid £3,’ he said.

‘These are unpredictable, but also exciting to see what you get.’


Adam has recommended visiting different supermarkets at different times to check out their reduced sections

Among the deals Adam has picked up include basics ranges, as well as supermarkets’ luxury ranges of food

As well as top ranges from supermarkets, Adam has also managed to secure deals on branded items such as Frosties cereal

Adam also often uses CheckoutSmart, Shopmium, and GreenJinn, which are applications to help you find free and discounted items.

He said: ‘These are great, they have definitely consumed a lot of my time over the years.

‘You buy the items to try for free or money off and submit your receipt to get the money back.

‘At first this sounded too good to be true, but it wasn’t and has become a way of life now.’

Adam also downloaded Olio during the pandemic to re-home surplus food that was going out of date or going to be thrown out.

He said: ‘I’d give things away and sometimes would get items in exchange for others.

‘It’s a great way to get items for free, and to also save items from waste.’


Pictured: One of Morrisons’ Too Good to Go boxes which contain sprouts, chillis, oranges, apples and cauliflower

Adam has picked up several deals using the Morrisons Magic Bag, from which he receved baked goods and fresh fruit and vegetables

Living in London, Adam has also shared some of his favourite supermarkets for bargains.

He said: ‘I always used to just shop in Tesco and ASDA, but working near other supermarkets changed my habits.

‘I would have thought M&S and Waitrose would be too expensive even reduced, but have bagged loads of cut-price bargains from both stores!

‘Some supermarkets can be rock bottom prices like ASDA has 10-50p items.’

He still splashes out on the luxuries now and then but advises watching your money while still having fun.

Adam added: ‘When I see something I like and it is a bit more of a pricey item, I will absolutely splash out!

‘The money I have saved elsewhere can be justified towards it!’

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