I've fallen for a guy who just wants sex, how can I make him interested in me?

I am 25 and live with my one-year-old son’s father. He is 26. We are sort of together but I started having sex with this other guy.

I told him I’d fallen for him but he got back with his ex.

When they broke up, we hooked up again. My ­feelings for him came back and I messaged him to say so but he didn’t reply.

Then he messaged me, asking when I wanted him to help me move into my new flat. I asked what he meant and he messaged back: “Sorry, right name but wrong girl.”

I am so hurt. I want him to want me but he’s not interested.

DEIDRE SAYS: I am afraid you can’t change how he feels. The only thing you can change is how you are handling it.

Accept that there is no future with this uncaring man who wouldn’t make you happy anyway.

Ask your son’s father whether he is willing to try to make your relationship work, even if it is just for your son’s sake at first

If you cannot do that, you and your son would be happier if you split up, arranging for him to see lots of his dad but leaving you free to meet someone you can commit to.

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