Is your wardrobe so 2019?

Is your wardrobe so 2019? Fashion photographer who’s worked for Vogue reveals the new rules that will make ANYONE look stylish after lockdown – from ditching stilettos and statement bags to clashing bright colours

  • Jonathan Daniel Pryce has revealed the top tips for emulating model style
  • Said that on-trend bags and fast fashion are looks that will quickly date
  • Added there’s nothing stylish about teetering in stilettos that you can’t walk in
  • Advises embracing bright colours and tailoring for ultimate post-lockdown style

As we shrug off our sweatpants and embrace occasion dressing and office wear again, many of us are finding that it’s an ideal time for a wardrobe refresh rather than going back to the same old style. 

And if your fashion confidence has taken a knock, celebrity street style photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce, whose work has appeared in Vogue, has revealed the top tips that will put the swagger back into your style. 

‘I’ve been photographing different characters on the streets of the four fashion capitals of London, New York, Paris and Milan, for over a decade, so my eyes are always tuned into finding interesting characters,’ he said. 

Ahead of two big events in the calendar this month London Fashion Week and the Autumn Fashion Event this weekend at Canary Wharf, Jonathan has revealed what catches his eye as a photographer and the model tips you can learn from. 

While THAT Zara midi dress has had its day, hanging on to shapeless pieces in neutral colours could make you look dated. Post-lockdown, bring your look up to date by investing in more tailored pieces in bright colours 


‘On the street, I love people who aren’t afraid of colour,’ Jonathan said. ‘Really experimenting with what combination of colours work is fun to see. 

If that means donning one of the ubiquitous unstructured midi dresses in a bright colour with Veja trainers that seems to be everyone’s uniform at the moment because it’s what you feel most comfortable in, then so be it. 

But if you really want to catch the eye, then Jonatha recommends embracing something more tailored. 

‘In a post-Covid world, I’m also relishing the renewed interest in more structured, formal clothing,’ he said. ‘I walked past a women in London last week wearing a pillar-box red suit and pink shirt underneath. It really popped in the sun and was refreshing to see.’


Stepping out out of the house in head-to-toe current trends, doesn’t guarantee you’ll look any more stylish than someone wearing pieces they’ve had in the wardrobe for years. 

‘I would save up some money and buy a few much-loved items that are high quality rather than many cheaper pieces that will age badly,’ Jonathan advised.

‘There are certain items that are universal and make an outfit look elevated easily – a well-cut pair of jeans, a cotton shirt, a cashmere sweater. The trick with all of these is to chose the best fabric, because those will hold up the best.

‘A statement bag can sometimes feel too of-the-moment and when the season has passed, everyone has it and it looks dated quickly.’

A statement bag that’s on trend such as the Jacqemus micro bag will quickly date your look. Even if you can’t afford Chanel, any kind of classic designer bag or a good quality piece in a similar style is a much better investment


Again, slavishly following trends means that you’re likely pretending you’re someone you’re not, and that lack of confidence will shine through.  

‘As a photographer, I can really see when someone fully embodies their personal style. I believe this can only be achieved over time so taking the time to research and reflect on what you want your personal style to be,’ Jonathan said. 

For someone is uncertain about their style, I would advise making a mood board of styles you’re drawn to over a few months – maybe create a Pinterest board – and over time it will be clear which styles you’re naturally most drawn to.’ 


You might believe putting style over comfort is crucial to give off a fashionista vibe, but according to Jonathan that could be where you’re going wrong. 

‘There are some other style choices that only suit certain people,’ he said. 

‘For example, stiletto heels are very hard to walk in for most people and if you’re not practiced, it will be clear how uncomfortable the subject will be. That will be obvious in a photograph.

‘My preference is for classic accessories that are practical so they stand the test of time.’ 

There’s nothing fashionable about forcing yourself into a pair of heels you can’t walk properly in for the sake of looking good. A pratical heel that’s comfortable to wear looks infintely more stylish


‘People are often at their most intriguing when they just go about their daily business and if you’re not a model, often “posing” for a photograph can look forced or rigid,’ Jonathan said.

‘A tip for making your pose look more relaxed and comfortable is to lean against a wall with one shoulder and cross your legs in a way that feels natural. It’s an easy position and one that hardly ever looks awkward.’

Lean against a wall with one shoulder and cross your legs in a way that feels natural to strike the perfect pose


Deputy Editor and Fashion Features Director Sarah Harris is hailed by Jonathan for her effortless sense of style. 

‘Sarah has emerged as one of the most photographed women during fashion week for good reason,’ he said. ‘She understands herself and her preferences and this passion shines through in her looks. 

‘Her collection of denim means she always has a perfect pair of jeans for every occasion and is able to make a masculine shirt look chic, well fitting and effortless.’

Similarly model Adwoa Aboah shows how you don’t have to go over the top with your look to stand out. 

‘Adwoa can be quite experimental with her style, able to pair an evening gown at an awards show with punk-aesthetic jewellery or make a simple cashmere sweater look special by adding colourful make up,’ Jonathan explained. 

Sarah Harris is able to make a masculine shirt look chic, well fitting and effortless. Harry Styles seamlessly mixes aesthetics without overly focusing on rules like the gender of the clothing

Model Adwoa Aboah shows how you don’t have to go over the top with your look to stand out.

Adwoa dresses with confidence and it’s understandable when you hear her talk about her journey & look closely at her ‘Gurls Talk’ project. 

For men, the obvious man of the moment is Harry Styles. He’s the embodiment of the younger generation, seamlessly mixing aesthetics without overly focusing on rules like the gender of the clothing.

The actor Ryan Gosling also has a great eye for personal style. He can mix more formal styles with comfort and has . He’s like a modern-day Paul Newman choosing clothes which are classically American, yet understated. 

Jonathan Daniel Pryce will be snapping the most colourful characters at Canary Wharf’s Autumn Fashion Event from 9 -12 September. Winners will receive £250 each to spend at the estate’s retailers, which will be offering 20% off, and restaurants offering up to 25% off during the event. 

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