Is Mrs Hinch launching a brand? Influencer 'cuts ties' with Tesco

Is Mrs Hinch launching her own brand? Influencer ‘cuts ties’ with Tesco after two years to ‘focus on her own exciting projects’

  • Influencer, 33, launched her first homeware collection with the brand in 2021
  • Read More:  Mrs Hinch reveals her dad and grandmother have been hospitalised and son Ronnie is having ‘assessments’ as she details ‘recent stumbles’

Mrs Hinch has reportedly ended her collaboration with Tesco after two years.

The cleaning influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, launched her first collection with the supermarket giant in January 2021.

Since then, the mother-of-two, 33, from Essex, has released several ranges with Tesco, which extended into homeware and clothing.

Items in her most recent collection included heart-shaped bowls, wicker baskets and a ‘Be Happy’ print in the influencer’s signature shade of grey. 

However, only a select number of products are currently available on the website and shoppers have spotted items discounted to just 25p in stores.

Mrs Hinch (pictured in February 2023) has reportedly ended her relationship with Tesco to focus on her own projects 

Speaking to The Sun, a source close to the influencer – who boasts 4.7m Instagram followers – claims Sophie has chosen to end her working relationship with the company, which would give her scope to launch her own independent range of products.

They said: ‘Seeing Hinch Homeware line the shelves of Tesco was a real pinch me moment for Sophie. 

‘She’s made the difficult decision to bring the incredibly successful partnership to a close as she moves to develop other exciting projects of her own which was not possible whilst working exclusively with Tesco.’ 

Sophie has not confirmed the news herself – but has notably not posted about her Tesco ranges since September last year. 

Since launching her Instagram account in 2018, the cleaning influencer has also partnered with Procter & Gamble brands – including Flash, Fairy, Lenor and Bold.

As the director of Mrs Hinch Limited, Sophie filed her accounts ending April 2022 to Companies House in December – which showed she made £2.1m in the previous year.

Last June, Sophie gushed about Tesco on her Instagram feed to mark the launch of her summer clothing collection.

Sharing selfies from her bedroom as ‘Hinch Farm’, Sophie said: ‘I don’t know about you guys but I’ve shopped in Tesco my whole life, including clothes, it’s such a comfort brand for me and my family. 

Mrs Hinch pictured modelling a jumpsuit from her Tesco range in her home last June. She gushed at the time: ‘It’s such a comfort brand for me and my family.’

Influencer, 33, launched her first homeware collection with the brand in 2021. The influencer reportedly felt as though it was a ‘pinch me’ moment at the time

‘As a teen I would buy my clothes from here and for some reason it was kind of frowned upon as a cheaper range! But Why? Their quality and pricing have NEVER let me down and I love everything that Tesco stand for. 

‘So when I was offered the chance to design my own range of comfy stay at home clothing for F&F I couldn’t believe it, and I feel so proud and beyond grateful so I want this moment to stay. 

‘So yes I PROUDLY Chant “Tesco is where I buy my best clothes la la la la” (who remembers that little chant from school?) Enjoy guys!’  

Earlier this month, Mrs Hinch explained that her father and grandmother had both recently been hospitalisted as she returned to social media after a lengthy break. 

She  previously revealed she was going through some ‘personal life stumbles,’ and apologised to her followers for her ‘radio silence.’

Items in her most recent collection included heart-shaped bowls, wicker baskets and a ‘Be Happy’ print in the influencer’s signature shade of grey

Speaking on her Instagram Stories, Sophie revealed that her father was being cared for in hospital after ‘not being blessed with the best of health.’

She added that her grandmother had also been hospitalised after suffering a fall, telling her followers it would no doubt ‘affect her mentally.’

Explaining her recent break from Instagram, Sophie said: ‘My dad is in hospital at the moment guys. My dad has never been blessed shall we say with fantastic health – from his chest, his lungs, his heart. He’s always struggled you know.’

She explained that after her father recently retired, he’d spent many hours building things for her new home in specially-built workshop in her garden, admitting it was something he’d dreamed of since he was a little boy. 

‘Dad is in very very safe hands and nurses you are incredible,’ Sophie added.

‘So I’m hoping dad will be home one day this week and can really enjoy doing what he loves doing again. I just want him to be happy.’ 

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, revealed her father and her grandmother have been hospitalised as she returned to social media after a lengthy break

Sophie then revealed that another member of her family was also in hospital, saying: ‘My nan is also in hospital. guys bless her heart she’s had a fall.

‘I know for a fact with my nan this affects her quite a lot mentally. The thought of having a fall.

‘When you get older you worry more. Having loved ones in hospital is just not nice. It’s just a worry, it’s just something that you never want.’

Sophie then went on to talk about her eldest son Ronnie, three, who has has previously revealed had issues with speech development. 

Holding back tears, she said: ‘Jamie [her husband] and I have been going through a few different assessments, a few different processes with our Ron at the moment.’

‘As parents, we are going through… we’re just navigating our way through things at the moment ourselves.’

And earlier this year, she launched a children’s book based on her own family, in her latest business venture. 

The cleaning sensation – whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe – skyrocketed to prominence over the last few years thanks to her cleaning videos, amassing a total of 4.6 million followers.

Earlier this year, she released her own children’s book – inspired by based by her own family and their life on ‘Hinch Farm’, 

Announcing the news on her page, she shared an adorable clip of her children Ron and Lennie upwrapping the children’s book, which she has called Welcome to Hinch Farm.

The £12.99 book, which was released in February, is based on the family’s move to their home Hinch Farm in Essex, and looks to guide children through change and the worries and excitement which come with it. 

Femail has approached Mrs Hinch’s representatives for comment.

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