Inside Steve Wynn’s $110 Million Los Angeles Mega-Mansion

Steve Wynn is a world-famous real estate developer and art collector and is recognized as being a casino mogul thanks to his heavy involvement in the development of American luxury hotels and prominent casinos. During the course of his decades-long career, Steve Wynn has amassed a jaw-dropping $3.1 billion net worth and continues to excel in his industry, showing no signs of slowing down. With a resume of this caliber, it comes as no surprise at all that Wynn resides in an immaculately designed mega-mansion. Now that it has been listed on the market for an astounding $110 million, fans are able to peer inside the palatial property that he calls ‘home’.

Wynn’s Home Is A ‘Personal Resort’

Steve Wynn’s listing of his incredible $110 million mansion includes the words ‘personal resort’ in the description, and it’s very easy to see why. The property is designed with opulence and fine craftsmanship at every turn. With all the incredible talent that Wynn has when it comes to designing some of the most astounding casino properties the world has ever seen, it’s evident that his unique and heavily detailed design process was also implemented when it came time to design this casino mogul‘s huge home.

Wynn first purchased the property for $47.8 million and proceeded to engage three of the finest talents in his roster to completely overhaul it and build the mansion to his liking. The talent hired to work on this very special, personal project included; “landscaping by Robert Truskowski, architecture by William Hablinski, and interior design by Roger Thomas, a longtime collaborator of Mr. Wynn who serves as the executive vice president of design for Wynn Design and Development.”

The overhaul took 4 years to complete and saw the addition of nearly 10,000 square feet to the overall footprint of the home. This billionaire casino mogul spared no expense in ensuring his personal property was indeed turned into a personal resort space.

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The Incredible Mansion

It’s not hard to believe that this incredible mansion was personally designed by Steve Wynn. As soon as anyone lays their eyes on it, it’s obvious that there is sheer greatness and elegant opulence at every turn. The Beverly Hills mansion is situated in the highly esteemed Benedict Canyon cul-de-sac and spans over a 2.7-acre space. There are 11 massive bedrooms and 16 bathrooms available for use, and millions of dollars have gone into the renovations and upgrades, making each space absolutely breathtaking.

The property features outdoor music and lighted walkways that are all remotely controlled with an iPad and boasts floor-to-ceiling windows in the grand living room, with a full view of the spectacular Los Angeles skyline. The ceilings within the front foyer are 20 feet high, giving the airy feeling of pure opulence and luxury living. The home also features coffered ceilings and has an elevator on hand to make it easier to move through the huge home and the multiple floors.

All The Incredible Amenities

An estate of this caliber boasts all of the amenities that one would assume, as well as a variety of others that are beyond the average person’s imagination. Opting to include all of the best features within his own home, Wynn made sure that his home featured a commercial-grade screening room and designed it to include a 40 piece gym.

In the spirit of entertaining, there is also an oversized wine room, a rectangular swimming pool, and an on-site, air-conditioned clubhouse spa suite. There is also a fully lighted tennis court, and every room within this space includes impeccable design elements that are visually pleasing and incredibly impressive. Wynn uses symmetry and bold designs and colors to enhance the enormous space and has gone to great lengths to feature his elaborate art collection in a museum-like hallway. The hallway itself is 15 feet wide and features a priceless art collection that is suspended from the ceiling and professionally lit.

There’s A Huge Focus On Security

It goes without saying that this massive estate requires state-of-the-art security. In addition to the security quarters that offer comfortable housing for the dedicated security staff, Wynn went to incredible lengths to ensure his property could be fully functional and sustainable at all times. He installed his very own power generation plant on the premises that can create enough power to sustain the home at full capacity for several weeks. This essentially turned his entire property into a secure, self-sufficient bunker that could withstand almost anything.

After years of living on this state-of-the-art, perfectly designed, and decorated property, Steve Wynn is ready to pass it along to the next family that will appreciate the incredible features and expansive grounds that this estate has to offer. The only pending item in this process is to find a buyer with a $110 million budget.

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